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Thread: finally ! upgrading my turbo !!

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2010-03-05 23:07:03
Originally Posted by STRATTON
cory, just lets talk about this for a sec. think itll be fine. alot of people are telling me to go with the 718r...

really i want more power as much as i can get safely. i know i have gone over this a bunch of times with you guys lol.

a 718r is a 400whp capable turbo. dont think that would be to much for a stock jdm de. or are you saying at 18 pounds it will be fine ?

what ex housing would you recommond ? got a direct link to the website ? im a turbo noob really (ive been running a gtir-t28 for almost 3 years LOL ;( ).


Ok let's talk about this lol.

The reason I was saying go w the gt2871r is because you already have a gtirt28. This disco is a nice turbo but really not much of an upgrade in my opinion for what your spending on it.
Another reason is because if your wanting to run 18psi id suggest the larger 2871r. If you wanna push that nuch with your stock motor on a disco your going to need a very good tune to keep things happy. That's no a very large turbine housing.. it will heat things up pretty god under that much boost.

But now when you run the same psi with a larger housing you reduce back pressure and heat as well as generally make more power at the same boost level as its nore efficent. All of this at the cost of lag...

Also just because the gt2871r is capable of 400whp that should not scare you at all. you should realize that its larger and will flow more which will be less stress on your motor.

Think of it like this 15psi on a t25 vs gt35 haha. Which will be safer and make more power... yes its true that the larger turbos will be slower a lot of the time.. but that's why you weigh the flow rates to the lag and power level your looking to achieve.
2010-03-05 23:29:30
thank you for your explination cory.

i did in fact go with the gt2871r with the .86 ex housing.

the tune on my car was great with my jwt ecu and safc2. made 303whp @ 15 pounds.

what do you guys think it will make at 15psi and 18psi with the 718r ?

do i need to retune ? is it neccessary ?

2010-03-05 23:42:01
well with my bone stock det with a jwt ecu i made just about 280 whp at 12-13 psi and 365 whp at 20psi. could have made more but i was maxing out the inj and maf. this was done on a JGY 2871r with an internal gate.
2010-03-06 04:20:42
retune won't really be necessary. I think you will be around 350whp or so. Though a local guy only made 320whp on 18psi with a lot of stuff... he had the .64 housing though.

The .86 is a beast. But when you dyno, you better post up charts asap lol.

Good luck buddy.
2010-03-06 04:24:28
If all your tuning is your afr then yeah it'd be fine. But if you have access id remap the wot timing map
2010-03-06 12:35:17
Originally Posted by Coheed
retune won't really be necessary.

I disagree with this. When anything major is changed on any set up be it a header, turbo or cams or whatever I feel a re-tune is a must. Especially on a turbo car.
2010-03-06 13:12:12
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
I disagree with this. When anything major is changed on any set up be it a header, turbo or cams or whatever I feel a re-tune is a must. Especially on a turbo car.
x2since the bigger turbo is getting more air in their and a/f ratios will have to get adjusted..y not get the gti'r manny modded for ext wastegate?
2010-03-06 14:15:10
all i could adjust is the afr with the safc2 piggying my jwt ecu.

t bags, ext gate is out of the question, ive seen a stock gtir mani with a 718r .86 lay down 400whp + @ 20psi, same dyno i layed down 303whp. so my goals are totally in reach.

if i was to have a built motor, trust i would have the right parts to go along with it.

but then agian if i was to have a built motor believe it would be a built n/a motor.

2010-03-06 16:24:28
I'm a bit comfused.

Why do you want to upgrade the turbo is your going to sell the car?

Isn't around 300whp enough? Wouldn't you just get more lag and wheel spin with a bigger turbo? Also putting the tranny at risk?

I know a guy around here that has a disco in his b15, super fast car, but lots of wheel spin in the first 3 gears.

Now if you planning to do some drag racing at the track then it makes sense.
2010-03-06 16:34:40
was up kid.

the car is primeraly a street car. more specifically a weekend car, and at that a nice weather weekend car. it gets driven very rarely maybe a handfull of times per month, its prolly washed and waxed more then it is driven lol.

yeah 300whp isnt enough, i destroy cars as she sits now, but i want to shatter the meer thought of ****ing with my car on the street. it already spins all of third lol. im sure its gonna be worse now, but some drag radials will help out. i think the more lag ill have will benefit me greatly as when the t28 hit full boost quickly this new bigger turbo will equate in a bit more traction down low, where i need it.

i have a fully rebuilt p11 transmission, that has checked out 100% with a reputable performance tranny guy who rebuilt it. it also has a phantom grip kit in it.

i do plan on draging it for once in my life, finally ! ill go next weekend to e-town and see what i can do on my azeni's. just for fun. ill have drag radials after that and ill see if i can borrow some some slicks from junior for nissan day at english town.

car is for sale !! some one buy it. i love this car lou, i cant stop making it better. its a passion that has turned into an addiction. doesnt all of us have the same 'problem' ?

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