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Thread: Turbo on a carburetor motor

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2010-03-04 21:33:45
Turbo on a carburetor motor
Just wondering if anyone has some general information on this, I have a friend who I think I have talked into putting a turbo set up on his 454 chevy. Motor was built low compression for nitrous and he's looking to get something more reliable and a blower is out of the question.

We'll be fabbing the set up, just curious about the carb situation, as I'm used to fuel injected motors.
2010-03-04 21:38:21
It can be done. There's even one or two OEM cars that are turbo'd or supercharged with a carb. I think the main thing is to make sure you pay attention to making it draw-through or blow-through. One of them is horribly awful, and the other is the clear better winner. I just don't know which one. Commen sense tells me draw-through is the way to go but I get the feeling that's the one with the problems? *shrug*

Just realize it's a bad idea to begin with. EFI conversion would be much better.
2010-03-04 21:40:50
you either need a sealed carb that will hold boost then have it re-jetted or you can run it even older school ghetto style and mount it suck through before the turbo..

i think any carb designed to accept a blower will work though..

blow through is the best though..
2010-03-04 21:54:33
They make Carbs are built specifically for boost. They are bolt on and go.

2010-03-04 22:06:21
With blow through the fuel system needs to be upgraded for high pressure.
2010-03-04 22:15:21
C&S Racing Carburetors - C&S Specialties
2010-03-04 22:38:38
I couldn't find prices on the carbs themselves, but just the accessories seemed expensive.

It sounds like a lot of trouble, tuning the carb, making sure it doesn't blow out etc, when there are so many fuel injection systems ready to do the job. Fuel injection is a lot easier to work with and I bet it's cheaper than those fancy carbs.
2010-03-04 22:42:38
Unfortunately the only way to go fast relatively cheap on a carb'd V8 is nitrous. Otherwise be prepared to shell out some coin to do it right.

The best site for information on blow-through's is probably turbomustangs.com even though it's a Ford based site those guys REALLY know their stuff.
2010-03-04 22:46:18
it can be done. I know that in the 1960's the GTS mustang had a factory paxton super charger. I think it would be cool on a 454.
2010-03-05 00:30:36
Motortopia: View the “2000 hp twin-turbo 522 big block Chevy” Video

Check this out...sick.

I did read something earlier about a "blow through" carburetor. First I'd ever heard of it though. We were planning on upgrading the fuel system of course, possibly double pumper. Of course it's his car I'm just trying to find some information for him.

Any ideas on what turbo would be best for a big block?? I'm sure a larger turbo that spools later right? He is on a budget, and is trying to find a used turbo somewhere.
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