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Thread: New Setup for this next Fall/Winter

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2010-03-02 15:43:20
Originally Posted by morgans432
I would also raise the compression in the motor and keep stock bore with custom cp pistons. I would run 2 boschs or an aeromotive unit. That manifold you have now I would throw away to be honest (both exhaust and intake). Run 1600cc injectors or 12000 and have fun. Money will be a big factore because all of things you talked about are not cheap and things break.

Intake mani is fine I would make a much smoother transition un the runners when I mate it to the ve ones. I have a good welder here locally that can do this no problem. Plenum size is good soNo issues there. Again new custom turbo mani is a definite easy enough to do and route with where I'm gonna mount it. We will see on the injectors. I will look into other options and sizes.
2010-03-02 18:06:11
Run a full stand alone...with a setup like that I don't see why you wouldn't. Making 461whp on a calum basic...you could probably squeeze some more hp out just by switching to stand alone and getting an amazing tune made. I'm currently building my motor and I wouldn't even think of running it without a stand alone. Plus you can get rid of all that nasty wiring and only run the wires you need. Your spending alot of money why not just have the best of everything...thats what I would do If I were investing the cash.
2010-03-02 18:51:21
PMed you but looks like your behind me. Still wondering what your paying for machine work. Goodluck I see there are some other issues.
2010-03-02 18:53:08
Also I would add in head porting to this build I mean y not
2010-03-02 18:59:00
i have decided to go ahead and just down it now for upgrades. And yes getting a daily driver was always in the plan. So I will have some stuff up for sale here in a bit. It should be a fun simmere build and will come out sick I'm sure. Full wire tuck. Sucks having the car down but ice come to realize that the b13 trans just can't take that kind of power and hell neither can the 18 spline clutches able to hold it ha ha. So I will be doing a build thread for it all as well. Stay tuned.
2010-03-02 23:58:40
what exhaust manifold are you looking at running?
2010-03-03 00:01:26
Custom equal length to put the inlet right at the grill opening next to my radiator, T4 mani and probably a 44mm gate. Im gonna get the mazworx kit to make it and have it professionly welded locally. I suck at welding.
2010-03-03 00:02:22
nice sounds like you have some money to spend sir.
2010-03-03 00:04:41
Well once i sell off the stuff im not going to use during the build, hahaha. Thats why im taking my time with it and want to at least get it done by next winter or late fall sometime.
2010-03-03 00:06:49
Why are you ditching the calum?
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