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Thread: 10 second SE-R

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2010-08-30 20:56:50
Again how is it theory........???????

I started out dynoing at 19psi and moved up to 24psi, 1-2psi at a time. The gains were evident per psi. Went from 402 at 19psi to 461 at 24psi so thats almost 12whp per psi of boost. So just going off that if you stay in the efficiency range of the turbo the gains usually stay true.

That mixed with the new manifold what is wrong with me saying i was in the range of 520-550whp, I was right on my guess on what i would make when i first went to dyno.

Your right though. Theory will only get you soo far but for the most parts with evidence before it it usually stays true. I really dont get what the big deal of me guestimating what i was making is.

So just with the added 6psi of boost not taking into account the aftermarket manifold and Q45 TB, that is 60-70whp more, then gains from the manifold which only get more with added boost. So yeah 520-550whp is a pretty safe guestimate.

But who am i to argue. I only built, tuned, and drive my own car and put it up against others and felt every day how it was. Who am i to say anything. Really.
2010-08-30 21:01:46
Im sorry that i didnt want to spend another $140 to dyno again on 30psi just to put out in the range i already knew i would put out. So sue me for guestimating accurately. Soo Sorry.
2010-08-30 21:30:22
man literally we should have a put up or shut up on this forum its sad its came to that, but there is always speculating going on it almost every thread it gets old. my car is 9 second this, 500 horsepower that. put a dyno up of your 500 put a dyno up of your 10 or 9 second pass. im not just calling out ashton but anyone else whom wants to sit up here and talk all this mess without any proof of it. if your car is 400whp its 400whp without a dyno or pass its what it is with the proof of what you have nothing more or less.

im not dogging you though ashton dont get me wrong, you talk alot but you have really good work going on in your build thread will it go 9 seconds i dont know but its a good build anyway so it gets my respect.

also dont get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with spectulating however many are going to call bs. your car could have very well done 560-600whp but many without proof are going to call bs. im just saying.
2010-08-30 21:43:55
like i said, hata's are gonna hate no matter what. Ive always been put up or shut up. I originally said what my build was gonna make when i did my original build a year and a half ago, even on the EBAY turbo manifold and soo on that i got all this crap that it wont do that and wont make that and bam, put it right up in everyones face.

But when evidence is right there on how much i made per psi its easy to accurately speculate and calculate additional power. So again im done here. Again another thread getting ruined because people gotta hate and argue.

Sorry RB for all the crap in the thread. It was never intended.

Back to the main topic.
2010-08-30 22:36:30
Its not like this is the first time its happened. No ones surprised. Hopefully we can get this thread back to topic. Great car, can't wait to see what you guys do with it next. Great job really putting some times down
2010-08-30 23:07:38
So no new hood yet? That is some serious aero drag/lift going on especially at those speeds
2010-08-31 03:49:47
Nice ride & great times.
2010-08-31 05:39:50
Originally Posted by jere
So no new hood yet? That is some serious aero drag/lift going on especially at those speeds

He is fixing it before saturday so he should pick up 100mph in the traps lol. I always give him shit about not having the hood. I wish I caught the pass on tape where it flew off but I got to the track too late.
2010-08-31 15:02:56
Let me know when his b13 tranny goes boom launching like that.
2010-08-31 15:08:20
Ive never broken a trans on hard launches. Ive only ever broke 3rd and 4th gear. But never at the track. You will be surprised at how much cusion the slicks set to the right pressure gives the gearstacks and drivetrain.

The only issue ive ever had hard launching on the b13 trans is it tend to put soo much stress on the gearstacks that it sometimes will pop out of first gear on the launch if i dont have my hand on the shifter.

I have solid mounts all around and solid shifter bushings and it still would do it if i didnt move my hand from the ebrake during preloading back to the shifter quick enough on the launch.

What Fred did to that trans on his b13 a long time ago was nuts. That may have had something to do with his rear mount just sheering off the whole back side around the diff just from sheer torque and a weak back case. But ive yet to break a trans at the track other than where that rear mount is. Mine was more i think the bolts were loose and it caused the problem.
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