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Thread: Thoughts on exhaust cut outs

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2010-02-12 22:25:11
For whatever reason, I can't get pics to work but just use the link to my photobucket. Not the best pics, but hopefully you'll get the idea.

0212000735.jpg picture by tmd7089 - Photobucket
2010-02-13 02:04:54
any exhaust smell or heat issues with it open?
2010-02-13 05:20:08
You can smell it when its open because it comes out right under the passenger seat, but mine stays closed most of the time anyway. I literally only open it to go wot then I close it right after. As for heat issues, I was driving with an open downpipe for 2 months and it was never a problem. For the money you can't beat it. You get better flow than a 3" exhaust and you get the quiet of a small exhaust. I would recommend these things to anyone; its really one of the best purchases I've made in a while.
2010-02-13 05:41:14
How you like feelin the flames pop under your feet? Lol. Gotta find time to install mine.
2010-02-13 23:42:22
Originally Posted by SE-Rious
How you like feelin the flames pop under your feet? Lol.

Its the bestest lol. I see you also thought that comment in the jmr thread was humorous.
2010-04-12 00:27:26
tom you still running this?
2010-04-12 00:55:24
ive seen ppl weld up like honda throttle bodies with a hand levar that opens and shuts it. ghetto but cheaper than other alternatives but kinda crazy
2010-04-12 01:53:02
Based on price and reviews i read i got a raceland 3" cutout. It's wireless and the whole kit runs ~$100. Couldn't really beat that IMO

but any cutout on a turbo setup is a good idea. a friend of mine following me to the track once said he got scared by all the aggressive noises and flames coming out. lol
2010-04-12 22:30:45
So out of curiosity, what exhaust setup is everyone running with these cutouts?

My current setup:
3" DP
cat (straight pipe replacement for track)
3" catback
magnaflow muffler

Its not loud by any means, but I wouldn't mind it quieter for daily use. Of course, I like the performance gains from the setup, plus I will be moving to a T28 shortly. So should I just build a 2.5" setup or smaller, and use a cutout for when I want additional performance? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
2010-04-12 23:35:38
I have an HKS exhaust which is roughly 2.25" and not much louder than stock. I have run a 3" cutout on a t25, t28 and now my HX35 setup.

with the small(er) turbo's it feels like there is absolutely no lag, not that there is much to begin with.
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