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Thread: Bluebird running lean

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2010-01-05 02:17:50
Originally Posted by b13kev
Bluebird ecu.

I had a set of bkr7e's.....no idea where they went to and O'reilly has to special order them.

There's a new part # on the bkr7e's check tekkie's thread about it, search bkr7e.

Also is it a walbro or an ebay walbro? There's also several threads about wiring a bigger fuel pump to eliminate that voltage drop, although I've never had to do it.
2010-01-05 04:10:45
I did a voltage drop test on the car just now. At my fuel pump fuse, im getting 13.8-14 vlt.....and at the pump im only getting 12.6 vlt.
2010-01-05 04:35:10
thats fine
2010-01-05 05:27:13
i did what uncleben did by turning up the fuel pressure to 50 psi with vaccum connectecd and now my afr's are boost friendly.......
2010-01-05 18:54:48
I would do as he said and get proper management if you want to have a healthy running car
2010-01-05 20:36:29
If you have a Bluebird ECU like I have, you should be using a Bluebird MAF, which is the same as the GTi-R, I think the MAF code is 53C? I may be making that up, I'll look later. Also, I have been told that with the Bluebird ECU you should be running the skinny oxygen sensor from the 300ZX-TT.

Also be aware that the Bluebird ECU and the B13 ECU have a different pinout for the oxygen sensor, so the stock wire harness does not account for that from what I have been toold. The skinny oxygen sensor is not a heated oxygen sensor unlike the standard B13 fat one.
2010-01-06 01:33:39
Originally Posted by PWRDbyUNCLEbens
Same dyno in the exact same weather? Keep in mind different shops may have sniffers that read a bit lean or rich.

....he is using an AEM Wideband that is constantly monitoring AFRs.... yes there a bunch of dynos and I agree, but I guess its uncommon for ppl to run widebands??? Every SR I do I recommend them, and hell even EGT gauges. But ya, I guess I should have put that in there.
2010-01-06 01:37:04
Originally Posted by morgans432
I would do as he said and get proper management if you want to have a healthy running car

He was running all the same engine setup...all the same components, same ECU, same MAF, same injectors, same Fuel Pump, same IC piping..... DIFFERENT CHASSIS. The car was hella healthy, and AFRs were spot on all the time, just now its running leaner and strange voltages.
2010-01-06 01:40:47
okay and not every car is the same I dont care what car it came out of its in a different one now so you have to make adjustments for this car.

Get better management if you want a car that will last and produce power
2010-01-06 02:27:05
I've come to the conclusion that its the way the gauges are wired, and that the fuel pump does need to have its own power and relay source with fresh wire. But better management is just a bandaid for the real issue.

Swap was from his 94 sentra SE-R... now he's in a 92 SE-R...

Once again basically only thing that has changed is in the electrical system.
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