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Thread: wont go past 7psi

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2009-12-31 23:44:49
and very easy
2009-12-31 23:48:28
yeah im about to head to lowes for the pvc end
2009-12-31 23:53:31
video is done the timing is off because of editing of parts of the video to allow it to be posted
2010-01-01 04:48:39
Pressure test the ic piping! That will eliminate about half of the possiblities. And also put some hose clamps on your boost lines, your probably losing boost there, and get rid of the peice of exhaust piping.
2010-01-01 05:04:22
I know you say there's a problem from 5-7k rpm but without you saying that I couldn't tell from the video. Things seemed fine in the video.

To recap, you're building about 8 psi with the boost controller hooked up and fully tightened? If you remove the boost controller and put the vacuum signal directly to the wastegate actuator you build a little less boost maybe 7 psi? Then if you take the wastegate actuator bar off of the wastegate flapper and you make 3 psi?

What happens if you leave the wastegate actuator rod connected to the flapper but don't run any vacuum signal to it? Have you tried that? If so, let me know what happens. If not, try it (but be careful not to overboost).
2010-01-01 15:28:32
he did try it and still the same result. If your losing power up top like you say I would go for a boost leak or a possible exhaust leak causing you not to build boost.
2010-01-02 22:41:05
it doesnt over boost its builds like 3 psi with the arm on and nothing to it
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