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Thread: Last Big Upgrade on the Sentra

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2009-12-24 08:34:55
Last Big Upgrade on the Sentra
Well Monday, my long awaited turbo failure occurred (running 20psi daily on a t28, it was only a matter of time). So now I am upgrading .

My list of stuff to get:
Holset HY35 w/9cm exhaust housing
Sard 850CC Injectors (suggestions welcome on this)
Revhard or similar T3 Log Manifold
3.5" Turbo Back Exhaust (might have to start the 3.5" after the dowpipe) with a 3.5" straight through Vibrant flat black muffler
Tial VF44 Wastegate
Ebay Intercooler 27"x12"x3"
JWT S4 Cams

My power goals are 400whp at 15psi, and higher at 20psi. Is there anything I should do to the engine, such as new headgasket/headstuds? Nothing is wrong with my current ones...

I am curious as to what you guys think spool will be with this setup. I'm opting for the smaller HY35 because I want it to begin to build boost failry soon and pull really hard all the way to redline. What are your guys' opinions on this setup, think I will need anything else, or should I change anything? This stuff will be used with what's in my sig. Thanks guys!
2009-12-24 08:46:53
Speak with JP as he knows holsets well. Also why the 38mm?
2009-12-24 08:53:48
What size is the one for the manfold you have? 44mm? I've only ever had internal gated setups so I'm open to suggestions.
2009-12-24 09:06:10
Yea 44mm, Do a search I believe Tekkie, and BenFenner discussed wastegate sizes. The 44mm I believe is just good all around not that it is "needed"
2009-12-24 13:26:23
As mentioned before : big turbo with low boost needs a big wastegate to help prevent creep/spike. Big turbo with big boost can use a smaller wastegate since the wastegate won't need to try as hard to keep boost creep/spike away.

Definitions of big/small boost vary, I personally feel that anything less than 1.1 bar is low boost, which is why I chose a 44mm gate on my 30r.
2009-12-24 16:33:28
to make that whp at that low of boost u should consider getting the hx35 instead of the hy35, the hx35 spools like a gt30 but has the same r better top end of gt35.
you should also consider in buying a twinscroll manifold to help u out a bit more with your spool
2009-12-24 22:48:09
i went hy too. mine should be up this month i hope. should be good. im curious to see other sr holset setups in the works.
2009-12-25 02:13:21
Twin scroll isn't an option for me because I am trying to do this on the cheap. I will be doing a full 4" exhaust system (going to be the most expensive part) for future-proofing.

I want to do the HY because of the faster spool (this is a daily driver, and I would like to take it autocrossing/to a track with twisties). If I was building a straight line car, then I would get the HX35 hands down. The difficulty of switching from an HY35 to an HX35 is minimal in case I want to make more power down the road. I would be fine if I was only able to make 400whp at 20psi, and I think that it is doable. The HX35 is bigger, but not by a huge margin.

I have decided on the Tial VF44 wastegate, and a full 4" exhaust (downpipe and all, portions of it will be 4" oval for ground clearance).

I am still up in the air on what injectors I should get. I don't see myself ever wanting more than 500whp, so with that in mind, what injectors would be the cheapest/best for my goals keeping in mind I am running at 4 bar fuel pressure.

I'm also in need of a rock solid manual boost controller, any suggestions?
2009-12-25 02:19:14
you technically dont need 4" exhaust to be honest and that can save you money
2009-12-25 04:06:03
I would save a couple hundred on the v-bands and mandrel bends, but the exhaust outlet on the turbo is a 4" v-band, so I want to continue that all the way out to the back of the car. I don't want to cut corners on the exhaust.
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