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Thread: P11 turbo with a gti-r motor

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2009-11-16 01:45:01
P11 turbo with a gti-r motor
I just finished the tune on this car that wich has many things to improve.
Complete stock gtir motor with our Devilsown direct port alcohol injection kit
hx35 turbo with the 14cm2 turbine housing
custom made exhaust manifold( very badly desing)
Supra mk1 fmic ( super restrictive)
3 turbo back crush bent
Race car ecu (tuned by me)
afc2 for knock control

As you can see its have very late boost onset due to the poor exhaust manifold desing the restrictive supra fmic, and the crush bent turbo back
Now the owner will improve this things with our company.

DYNO 422whp on a low reading dyno this equals to 470whp on a dynojet.


2009-11-16 01:48:41
very nice how much does the direct port alchy go for?
2009-11-16 01:52:51

We are dealers for South America with Devilsown , send a Chance a e-mail tell him you need to quote a dvc30 kit with the direct port upgrade plus the nozzles and also say to him that Juan Pablo from Chile send you so you can recive a good discount.

Thanks again.
2009-11-16 01:59:40
thanks man and congrats again on making good power but there is still plenty more to have.
2009-11-16 02:06:57
As soon we can change the manifold cams exhaust fmic etc this car will do near 550whp on a dynojet on the same boost.
thanks again.
2009-11-16 02:13:02
why FMIC if you are direct porting alcholol. shouldn't that cool the charge off just as good if not better. Most alcohol injected cars I've seen run a huge turbo straight into the IM
2009-11-16 02:14:39
This car uses 92oct regular fuel plus alcohol injection in low proportion,and also is the daily drive car.
2009-11-16 16:33:19
Any pictures of the offending manifold - intercooler and setup?? Just curious
2009-11-17 00:53:27
nice results. Not bad, but I've seen a lot of laggy HX35 setups. They must REALLY like to breathe on the exhaust side to aid spool. That exhaust has to be killing the powerband.
2009-11-17 05:43:50
The manifold coheed .. is not even port matched with the turbo...I will post pics later...
I have build 2 more hx35 with 12 and 14cm2 turbine housings both of this turbos make full boost at mid 4xxx rpm (25 and 28lbs) the sr is not and exception.I friend with the almera sr20det and a hx40 turbo make fullboost (22lbs) at 5000 rpm....
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