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Thread: sr20ve+gt2871r

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2009-11-06 15:01:08
ohhh ok , then the you could swap in a VE fairly easy .....
2009-11-06 16:38:43
how will a stock vvl handle a gt2871r turbo? also I'll be adding z32 maf with nismo 550cc injectors n a AFC NEO..
2009-11-06 16:47:11
It is all in the tunning , from what I have been readding , there is not as much as much room for error with the compression ratio being higher , and the timming maps being differant that what you would need for a DET , but if you ported the turbomanifold to match the VE's ports , and had a good tunning soulution and a tunner I think it could be done , but be careful with that 10.3 to 1 compression the VE has , I would like to see you have a realtime ECU to tune it at the minumum , but that is just me , I am a firm believer in usingthe best engine managment you can afford
2009-11-06 17:33:43
so how much you think I could make with stock vvl with my set up for daily?
2009-11-06 18:07:34
yeah thats a rod knock .... im guessing around 300 at 14lbs
2009-11-06 18:40:56
Originally Posted by Pr
yeah thats a rod knock .... im guessing around 300 at 14lbs

With good tuning 300 whp can be hit with less than 14lbs.
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