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Thread: 86.5mm Head Gasket???

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2009-10-31 16:05:16
86.5mm Head Gasket???
I can't find one anywhere. I did find one, but it's from MLS, which I have never heard of them before. I have for an 86, but I am boring out the cylinders a little... soooo
2009-10-31 16:12:16
check out cometic or cosworth
2009-10-31 16:16:37
They only go down to 87mm or have a 86mm, but no 86.5mm

Is MLS the material?

Also, can I use a gasket that works on an s13 or s14?

Or, could I just use a 87mm bore gasket? <------ Feel stupid asking that
2009-10-31 16:23:33
**** this is hopeless, ebay doesn't even have one
2009-10-31 16:25:55
cometic is MLS. Having a slightly larger HG bore then your cylinder bore will not hurt anything. 0.5 mm difference is equal to 0.02 inches larger then the cylinder bore. That is negligible. When the gasket is centered over the block you will have 0.01" overhang at all points, almost nothing.
If my memory serves me right, you can check with Serban or GregV for cometic products.
2009-10-31 17:07:59
i'm going to be getting the thicker head gasket as well, could it be possible for a piston ring to get caught on the gap where the head gasket is sunken in?
2009-10-31 17:09:55
nope the stroke of the piston does not allow the rings to go out of the cylinder. If your piston rings get high enough to get stuck in between the head and the block then you will have worse problems to worry about.
2009-10-31 23:21:26
good info, had questions about the 87mm as well.
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