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Thread: Yada yada, more dynos.

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2009-09-15 13:54:29
Oh, and I agree with the comment on Meth Injection. You would likely make gobs more power at your elevation while running meth injection on your setup.
2009-09-15 14:14:26
yeah that will definetly give the air some density. I would give it a shot coheed. A water meth setup is pretty dang cheap now a days. And again dont gotta use it all the time. Definetly do that .82 housing. Im using it and its great, Definetly keeps heat away and detonation away, Ive yet to have any detonation running 19psi on pump 91 octane gas in 115 deg heat even.

After almost 7500 miles on the motor so far its a champ. Im gonna pull the plugs out but last time i had them out just nice slight sooty but no speckles on the insulator and clean on the tips.
2009-09-15 15:11:34
awesome Ashton! That is some serious boost for sure. I have been nervous to really turn the boost up on pump gas up here. I just don't know how safe it is.

I ran a few runs at 24psi at the dyno day when giving rides. It just kept blowing couplers off though. Felt good while it lasted though heh heh.
2009-09-15 16:03:57
YouTube - UtahNissans.com Dyno Day 2009

You see my car dyno about half-way through. You can hear it, and you can't really see any blowby from the oil catch. Motor sounds healthy. Then I loaded up with some peeps and went for a spin. Oh ya.
2009-09-15 16:17:01
not to get off topic is that tealish color car a dodge spirit or or the sort? i thought it was a beater lol but damn definitly a sleeper
2009-09-15 17:09:42
that beater is called "the junkyard". And it is very fast. he put down 450whp abouts.

just do a search for "sundance sentra" on streetfire.net. You can see us playing around a bit.

That video on streetfire was last year, he made about 385whp, I was about 400whp on the same dyno. His V6 spools faster, and brake-boosting helped him a lot. But I did alright. The junkyard is a very very fast car, but my hell is it a beater lol.

It is a $90 junkyard Dodge Caravan 3.0 that made 450whp too. Insane.
2009-09-15 17:16:29
In the video of the sundance/duster, you see the last run there is a fire that starts in the corner of the engine bay toward the end of the run. Well, the radiator cap wasn't holding pressure and started to leak and spray out as soon as the wire caught on fire. The spilling coolant put the fire out! How is that for ironic?

He took home "most likely to blow up" trophy.
2009-09-15 17:21:03
something still doesnt seem right. at 21psi you should be making well over 300lb ft TQ. you should be making about 290-300lb ft @ 15-16psi
2009-09-15 17:43:33
Ya something is still not right. But with the standard VE cams I still lost power over the VET cams. The VET cams on this setup seems to perform just like the log manifold did before.

The cams are def a restriction of some sort, but the bigger cams are still not liking the small housing. The intake cam only made 4whp when it changed, and it should be making like 40whp when it changes.

I am going to go with the tried-and-true setups that everyone else does. Nothing elaborate. Just good flow, good cams, and hopefully it gets where I want it.
2009-09-15 18:55:01
Like I have said before Manny's old VE-T set up at 25 psi was well over 500 whp and over 400 ft tq. This was with a smaller end SC-61 with a .63 rear At 15 psi he was over 400 whp.

Not taking anything away from Coheed. I just feel the car is not making the power that it should. My old DE at 16 psi was making 363 whp with 302 ft tq. At 20 psi I should have been over 400 whp.
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