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Thread: Hesitation issue - need help!

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2009-09-09 02:49:06
Originally Posted by SneakyOwner
Maybe its because you arent even tuned for your setup. You are running a GT2871r with 50lb injectors on a 75lb tune. Do you know your air fuels?

As I mentioned above, I run an innovate lm-1 tied into my emanage ultimate. It runs a solid 11.5:1 across the board under boost.
2009-09-09 02:55:19
Originally Posted by Coheed
I've had reversion issues. HAHAHA! Ya the .63 is the smallest you would wanna run and the log manifold will compliment it nicely. The .82 is the best for overall power... by a lot. With reversion, you just make a lot less power throughout the powerband. Get boost pressure as close to backpressure as possible, and reversion will go away. The log manifold will be your restriction near 400whp, but even at that power level I would expect the .82 to make 30whp more.

I'd love to go to the .82 for the best flow, I'm just worried about lag. With autox, there's a lot of on/off throttle and some low rpm digs in 2nd gear. How much longer should I expect it to take to spool on the .82 vs. the .63?

I could just do the extreme (.82) from what I have and see if it's too laggy. Then come back to a .63 if I hate it. I'll probably like the .82 better on the street and strip
2009-09-09 03:12:51
BTW, Tekkie... I bypassed the crane box tonight, but I didn't have a chance to take it for a spin. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and into the weekend. Testing may have to wait until traction is available
2009-09-09 12:08:03
Bummer Send that rain over here! We can't get enough of it.
2009-09-12 21:49:21
Boooo! The hesitation is still there after bypassing the crane box. I even retarded the timing again after taking the box out and the car just go slower, but no change in the hesitation. I think I'm going to order a new turbine housing. A 0.63 T3 housing ought to be large enough for my use and still spool fairly quickly. After comparing a few turbine flow maps, I think the 0.63 T3 will fall between the 0.64 and 0.86 T28 housing.
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