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Thread: WooHoo!!!

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2009-09-16 16:54:08
whats afr @ idle?
2009-09-16 18:51:32
hey man, i forgot one main thing. Its very weird if you idle does not change at all with unplugging the IAC.

Please check your engine control fuses inside the in the fuse panel. Thats where the power for you idle air control motor comes from. The idle should definetly change when unplugging it. Check those over and get back with me.
2009-09-17 06:45:31
Mike: AFR @ idle is around 15, but it's jumpy so it's anywhere from 17-14

Ashton: I agree that it's very weird. The strange thing is that I see a duty value in consult, and there are no blown fuses anywhere in the engine bay or fuse panel. Is there a difference between obd1 and obd2? Is it possible I have the wrong one in there? I would assume there would be a difference in connector.

I'm also thinking there's a problem with the coolant temp sensor, because my fan isn't coming on. I can turn it on in consult, but it hasn't ever come on by itself. It's a decent reason to toss in a fan switch, but isn't that the same that gives the ecu engine temp for cold/hot running modes?

Like I said earlier, everytime I start the car it's running differently. Today it was better, and less jumpy, but still hunting. Today the weirdness du jour was a serious hesitation when I first stepped on the pedal. I seriously don't know what to think about this car.
2009-09-17 14:06:13
can you monitor the cts in the consult? normally a bad cts will either be stuck at hot or cold tempatures. resulting in rich or lean air fuel ratios, ive had CTS go bad and it dump fuel like crazy, ive had a few go back and mine always went to the rich side of things, but it doesnt mean it cant go to the lean side of things too
2009-09-17 20:01:52
I haven't been able to find the CTS in consult... which program is best for looking at the individual sensors?
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