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Thread: New Way of Shifting to Increase Traction?

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2009-09-01 07:44:35
Originally Posted by JTstyle
That's why I bought Falken Azenis!!!

azenis tires are probably the best tires for the buck they definitly arent good for ALL purposes but auto cross and drag they are probably one of the best cohice per price thats for sure
2009-09-01 08:17:14
The hankook Ventus R-S2 Z212 are a hell of a tire for the price
2009-09-01 12:54:25
Originally Posted by Coheed
bigger turbo helps with traction. You are slower in the lower revs, but your tires will love you for it. You gotta go bigger than T28 though lol.

Ha but I kinda like having power in the city too, since 90% of my driving is city based. Virginia is not nice to people that break the speed limit, so having only power from 60+ is not good for me.
2009-09-03 20:25:38
I have a set of traction bars comming and plan of removing some camber from my setup to pick up some traction. I have had both azenis and z212s on my turbo car it kills both of them equally.
2009-09-04 00:49:37
me too. Azenis are too slippery. Once they start spinning they turn to snot, and keep spinning. And wet traction is terrible.
2009-09-04 12:19:16
Originally Posted by SneakyOwner
Yea, um its called letting of the gas to control traction I do that all the way through the top of 2nd on the street. I don't get traction anywhere in first and I mean anywhere if I go past 3/4 throttle the tires are burning. I usually stay at about 1/2 throttle in first short shift it at about 5500. spin 2nd to redline and then 3rd is just a rocket from like 50 up to 100. Altough I do have probably 30 more hp than is in my sig and probably close to 300ft. lbs
Hell yeah man, I know what that's like lol. When I went to the track, and my second run I did a better burnout got the tires (albeit the stock ones) nice and hot... Now I never actually launched, but I jumped at like half throttle and about 2 seconds later I just punched it...and oh my god. I didn't expect it, but it threw me back because it actually hooked in first! And don't even get me started on second gear lol. But yeah, on the street...shoot, no traction in first and most of second, but yeah...third? Look out for third.
2009-09-08 20:49:26
Originally Posted by matt_pound
The hankook Ventus R-S2 Z212 are a hell of a tire for the price

Very true. These tires stick very well. Great for Road Racing. But not for drag racing.
2009-09-08 22:23:25
I'm just going to buy slicks its the only way to launch your car and run WOT without spinning too much lol if not at all hopefully. I suggest all of you do the same unless you weigh down the front of your car. I tried this with sand bags. 200lbs in the front cures most traction issues but not so much with your times because of the added weight slowing you down :-/
2009-09-09 04:19:07
Originally Posted by matt_pound
The hankook Ventus R-S2 Z212 are a hell of a tire for the price

i run those tires on my stockers.....best 14inch tire i have ever bought. i still loose traction in 1st but as soon as i get into second they just a chirp and grab.
2009-09-09 23:53:49
what´s the perfect point to shift gears on a t25 set with stock cams, i found that my car after 5800-6000rpms doesnt pull a ****, but when i shift arround 5500-5800 it pulls reaaly great in every gear
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