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Thread: having an issue with gtir swap

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2009-08-10 15:27:50
yeah...i just checked our turbo nx as a comparison.....i definatley have a problem there....i think its probably my crappy wiring. sodder may have broken. ill take a look, then you guys can have a good laugh at me. its obviously a problem.
2009-08-10 15:45:36
ok.....so, i had constant 4.9 volts to the red wire on the tps, and when it was plugged in, about.3-1 volt, depending on throttle position. when i unplugged it, that voltage was closer to 2.3. reason? it does run better, i had a lose connection. i think this is my area of trouble, i just need to get the tps reading properly. it does run down the road nicely now, but it still trys to stall. half the problem is solved. whats the voltages supposed to be like?
2009-08-10 15:57:31
checked the nx, voltages are exactly the same, at the same throttle positions. guess im almost good to go. just need to figure this idle issue out now.
2009-08-10 22:01:55
how, so i fixed one problem, no ive got another! it will not start. ive got fuel. ive got fire. it will not start. this is wearing me out. even after letting it sit for 5 hours, no change, it now cannot start. the starter engages, the coil is firing, the fuel is flowing, but it will not even hiccup.
2009-08-10 22:51:09
fouled plugs. good to go back to trouble shooting.
2009-08-11 03:40:35
keep us updated
2009-08-12 00:25:26
i THINK, i HOPE ive just fubard the wiring on the tps. my tps signal is wack. i cant even begin to explain it. readings are wrong, and i just think its coming down to my wiring. its the only thing i changed when i installed the thing. SO. i to know, on a gtir, which wire of the de harness needs to go to the gtir tps. at this point im so confused with the wiring, i need to start fresh.
2009-08-12 01:01:09
Im running a gtir ECU on my b15 so its a N3-a ecu.
So heres apexi's webstie for hooking up a safc-2

page 33 N3-a

It would be the throttle signal with is of course your tps sensor. Remember that the tps sensors in gtir are backwards from regualar sr20s they go the opposite way. Hope this helps.
Also if your using a diff ECU you can go up a few pages and it will show you what ECU your car has and then you can go to the display and just look for the throttle signal.
2009-08-16 00:03:25
ill try that.....ill hit the voltmeter to the ecu....see what the voltage is there....voltmeter took a crap, so i have to wait till i find another one. wheres the power source for the tps off the ecu?
2009-08-16 00:32:13
seems to have no problem at anything over a few thousand rps.......roasts the tires.....still need to bleed the brakes, just been playing with it in the parking lot. i guess its a combination of the wrong o2 sensor, and the tps not reading right. ill just get retuned for the 750s, and 300zx maf, and hopefully these problems will clear themselves up.....im having to run a usdm o2 sensor, due to my downpipe.....no bung for a jdm o2 and seeing as im upgrading the minute it runs right, its pointless to mess up the downpipe welding a new bung in. does anyone know how badly a usdm o2 sensor will make a gtir motor on the stock gtir ecu run?
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