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Thread: GTiR Maf into b14??

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2009-07-30 23:02:35
GTiR Maf into b14??
im confused, the pins on the gtir are labeled abcd and the harness on the car only has 3 wires...as far as i know the gtir only has two grounds instead of one

so which pin is which and which wire is what? i know the center wire on the maf harness is gnd, and one is 5v and the other is 12v ( i think) whats the deal with the gtir,

2009-07-31 18:52:07
bump! really need help, or link to jdm fast
2009-07-31 20:25:26
could have sworn there was no diffrence between that and the usdm one as far as the pins go. just plug it in lol. you need your computer to be programed for it..

i might be wrong. but i have one here and it looks the same as a stock usdm one
2009-07-31 21:21:41
im not sure, the maf on the gtir motor we have is a 4pin and the factory harness is 3 pins...somewhere ive heard its two ground
2009-07-31 21:40:17
never mind you said you had a b14 i dont know if they are the same
2009-07-31 22:14:18
any idea where i can get a wiring diagram for a gtir
2009-08-03 01:08:01
Have you tried www.gtirworkshopmanual.com
2009-08-05 20:29:55
i dont think this has been done in the history of sr20's gtir maf in a b14.
2009-08-05 21:56:04
not sure, from what im told you MUST use a gtir maf on a gtir ecu

the car were working on is my old 95 se-r it has a conversion harness to go from obd?II to 1 and we fried the gtir and stock ecu trying to figgure out the wiring for the maf, from canadagtir.com i found that pin A is empty BCD goes 5v gnd 12v...so i think...any whom im still trying to find my old cali emissions ecu that i dont use any more so we can test the maf out before the new gtir ecu goes in...hopefully this helps
2009-08-05 22:00:12
oh come on people this is easy.

a GTIR MAF is wired like a B13
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