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Thread: brian crower cams on gtir

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2009-07-30 04:49:43
brian crower cams on gtir
was wondering if anybody is running brian crower stage 2 cams on gtir. Do yall have spring and retainers or just running stock and what kinda power diff they make over stock? I know the gtir is double sprung.....
2009-07-30 05:00:48

you can read your other thread about it.
2009-07-30 05:18:45
yeah Iv been reading over it, Im just looking for some first hand experience with the cams in someones gtir, because sr20s and gtirs are 2 diff motors. I want someones thoughts on it that is running the cams on a gtir with stock springs.
2009-07-30 05:24:21
you will make more power what more is there to say? You dont need springs and retainers
2009-07-30 05:30:15
id say the s4 cams are really good and have seen nice power gains, i have the hks which i like, the crower are good too, its really just a choice of what you think will work best with your setup

to be honest if you have that 2871r, its best to get a cam that is going to pick up in bottom end to mid range, it really helps with any lag you might feel from the 2871r. the turbo is going to pick up reguardless in the lower rpms, but a cam that will help the turbo pull to mid range/top end will benifit yu in the end....at least thats how i have my setup
2009-07-30 15:09:00
If you don´t like lag, stay NA, otherwise the feeling of a big turbo kicking at whatever rpms is incomparable. My setup is based on a GT3582R 0.82A/R and 270-274 cams. Unless you run nitrous you wont be able to get the best of both worlds....

2009-07-31 03:44:18
Im running a 2871r .86 on my setup so lag isn't to bad..I was spoiled by the response of my gtir turbo so it took a week to get use to it. I figure with the cams I will gain a little response time, looks like I will be going bc2s with stock gtir spring and retainers, I know sneakyowner went with the same ones in his car and he loves em.
2009-07-31 09:52:42
i completely disagree, if a engine is built right with the correct turbo on the engine, along with good tune and supporting mods, the power can be seemless, my 2871 setup has very little lag, i start making boost at the top of 1500rpm, see full boost at mid 3k (14psi)

if you were to get a sr20de, get mid to top end cams, and a disco potato, supporting mods and tune, the power would be near a supercharger spool, almost lagless

and when you say lag, what lag are you talking about becuase the 2871r holds till redline or above, so the small ammount of lag feel is imp worth it considering you are seeing a WIDE powerband, and not a gt30r or 35r powerband of a few thousand rpm or less of boost. this is full powerband power.
2009-07-31 09:55:57
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
i completely disagree, if a engine is built right with the correct turbo on the engine, along with good tune and supporting mods, the power can be seemless.

i have a gtir with s3m's and a t3/t04e and turbo spools around 2000 with full boost by 3500. jwt>bc.
2009-07-31 12:26:00
The "correct turbo for the engine" is relative to what you're aiming for. It’s logical that if you have a decently sized turbo like a 2871r you will have a nice power output but in no way comparable to the power you will get from lets say a 3582r.

The supporting mods, besides increasing the power output, also contribute to a wider power band, and in my case, I rather have 500+whp and a power band from 4.6k to 9.5k rpm than 300+whp from 3k to 8.2k, but that’s just me. It´s just "area under the curve"

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