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Thread: brian crower cams any good

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2009-07-03 21:06:19
jim wolf makes them and get them from andreas miko or a used set on here. They usually go for $400 used and like $550 new.

S4 Cams, G20 ECU, UR Crank, JDM VC, New Various Bushings - SR20 Forum
used set right here
2009-07-03 21:12:26
personally i recomend building a boosted application to handle many different turbo components are variations. such as if you get a gt2871r and larger down the road you want a gt35r if you get the right components that will allow the transition of parts to be seemless and you dont have to completely change up your setup to adapt a turbo or other parts then that will save you down time,money and overall time in the long run.

do you need springs and retainers, i would personally do it, this will save you a step in the future if you decide to go with a stage 1 or 2 that dont require valves and springs but you do it anyway now, it will allow you to go with a larger cam later without hassle and trouble. saving you steps in the process.

valve lift of the camshafts also depend on the need for springs and retainers or not.

another thing to think about is that alot of the time smaller turbos like the gt2871r make very efficent power within the factory rpm range thus not needing a high rev to make efficent power.

on the other hande if you were to want a gt3582r down the road, the 35r is going to be much more top end efficent needing a higher rev limit to expand the spectrum of power made, where as the smaller efficent powers will have a range from 1500 to 7500rpm of power the larger turbos might only be 5500 to 7500 or if you take those extra steps now having the ability to rev higher down the road will help you out in the long run, that extra 7500 to 9000 will make a difference........that is just me tho

im running a 38mm tial wastegate on my setup

i always tell people boosted applications are addicting, you never have enough and theres never enough power, never enough boost, so build accordingly, i dont believe there is ANY turbo setup ive EVER built or EVER seen that was ''overbuilt for turbo'' i dont know many people who build turbo applications to keep them in one specific setup, they are always forever changing, and having taking prior precautions in building the engine to handle anything is best.
2009-07-03 21:29:03
Originally Posted by morgans432
i would get s4's over the crowers because the s4's are an instant drop in and the crowers needto be adjusted with to see the most power from them. Springs, retainers and cam gears arent a must but it definitely helps with the crowers but to keep it simple I would go with s4's

funny, I just dropped mine in and I make over 400whp, and your pants can testify
2009-07-03 21:33:03
I agree with you thats why I skipped the baby stuff and went all out from the beginning. Sure it cost me a good penny but I did it big and right the first time, which will save me money because I really wont be changing to many things. For the cams I still believe that the s4's are better even with the springs and retainers on the crowers. For the ammount of stuff you have to change around to match the s4's they arent worth it. If the price of the cams is what is attracting you then stop now because that price will grow very quickly when you start adding the other stuff into the mix. Judging from your posts you are looking for something easy to change and can add power, Correct? For your application jsut run the s4's and they will gain you more than enough power for what you want.
2009-07-03 21:41:48
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
funny, I just dropped mine in and I make over 400whp, and your pants can testify

yeah but you also have a freak motor and everyone knows it. You also have springs and retainers so technically you didnt just drop them on.

here is one thread of a million on the other forum
heres more searching is GREAT
2009-07-03 21:48:16
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
funny, I just dropped mine in and I make over 400whp, and your pants can testify

I got stg 3's too with springs/retainers. I'm coming for you Tekkie, I'm coming
2009-07-03 21:58:51
good luck that was at 11psi haha and get in line because he is in my sights and getting a little nervous he has been telling me
2009-07-03 23:29:13
wow good stuff guys and great info about building applications 2871bluebird your right I was just thinking today what parts could I buy that I will be able to adjust down the road when I want more power...But it all comes down to the fact that my car is FWD and I figure I really can't see too much power without having traction issues. And boost is addictive when I first got my gtir with my little baby turbo I was like heck yeah, and now I want more and more and more, but it cost more and more and more lol.

I figure I got with a 2871R and I should be good for 370ish and I should be happy with that for a while then Im like well mabe a 3071, so your right its just a hobby thats addicting.

yeah morgan Im just looking for a direct bolt on type deal where I can boost safely and have better power, I don't really plan on upgrading the car once I buy everything I need I just wanna make sure that I don't decide the next day after I bought something that I want something else, I wanna get it right the first time and just go as big as I can without haveing to do major modifications.
2009-07-03 23:33:03
morgan..Are S4 cams interchangeable for gtir motor and regular sr20det motors I heard they were diff, those ones you listed for sale they will work in my gtir?
2009-07-04 00:06:41
damn gti-r's..now that throws a wrench in the game here. This is the cam from jwt that will work in the gti-r.
Jim Wolf Technology website
Tomei also has some, I think hks and you can use the s3's
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