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Thread: Well im finally a 3rd gear bye bye victim.

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2009-07-01 00:43:33
Well im finally a 3rd gear bye bye victim.
Haha i knew something was up when only my 3rd gear was feeling a bit sluggish and restrictive. I mean even though its 115 degrees out and got wider tires i went from just bouncing off the rev limiter when punching 3rd gear to just barely breaking them loose as i still went from about 60-95 in less than 2 seconds, hahaha but it slowly got worse then today it felt really really restrictive in 3rd gear only and i punched it and it didnt even want to break the tires loose although still accelerating pretty darn quick but my other gears felt perfect and actually 4th felt like it pulled faster, haha. Then it happened eased the throttle in 3rd until i hit 60 then punched it to the floor just before my peak torque band and right when i quickly went from 60 to about 75-80 it let loose.

The tach almost went to the peg before i lifted my foot because it happened soo fast. Saw almost 9k rev. No damage done to the motor just put it back in 5th and cruised home, haha. Oh well, Definetly time for the p11 trans. Or i have another b13 trans i need to tear apart and make some repairs to and it will be good to go.

But i think once i sell the gsx i got im getting that p11 trans and being done with it. Neways not bad for a stock b13 trans that had around 170k miles on it 20k turbod. I put about 4k on it with this setup constanly punching it in 3rd gear. Pounding the rev limiter due to tire spin, Sometimes catching then breaking loose again. So it definetly held up pretty good with 460whp 391wtq. haha 11.3 1/4 babying it.
2009-07-01 01:23:36
that is the worst for it, running in gear then slamming it, harsh man! P11 OR go with a PAR gearset for same amount and assemble yourself.

2009-07-01 01:28:37
Damn, I'm suprised it even held up with that power. Lol. P11 is a great investment, only tranny for boost imo.
2009-07-01 01:37:49
it actually lasted a lot for your power and driving habits... well.... as the sig says..
2009-07-01 01:41:12
Coach, I don't think the PAR gearset is really a great solution. Sort of an attempt in the past that never panned out well and corrected the wrong problem.
2009-07-01 02:59:13
You seriously write "haha" too much man.
2009-07-01 04:19:17
Originally Posted by Benito
You seriously write "haha" too much man.


Felt like I was watching a cartoon that I cant remember the name lol

It was in a family guy episode that they made fun of speed racer.
2009-07-01 04:21:48
lol found it!

YouTube - Speed Racer Parody of Family Guy
2009-07-01 05:11:00
lol you guys are hilarious. Neways last time i checked the PAR gearset is quite a bit more expensive than the P11 trans especially since i can get one in mexico for $300 which ill be doing as soon as i sell this stupid gsx. Plus not many people that have broken a p11 or b15 trans either. The case on the b13/b14 trans are still weak and still have flaws. The only logical way is to get a p11 or b15. Im hoping i can find a p11 one. Ill know soon.
2009-07-01 05:20:24
there are a few fwd sr trans recently listed on craigslist...
jdm fwd transmissions
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