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Thread: what BOV are you running?

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2009-06-26 20:22:27
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
slapped on their Synapse unit, and at LESS boost, made +20whp at redline.
Must... not... respond...

Must... stay... on... topic...
2009-06-26 20:26:01
2009-06-26 20:27:56
GReddy type s. i like the adjustability and the simple design. sounds decent. i did the single spring mod that the evo guys do to them since my car doesn't make much vacuum with the S4's.

my next one will be a Tial 50mm.

edit: on my u12 setup i ran a stock 1G DSM bov recirc'd.
2009-06-26 20:52:14
Originally Posted by 2dr_sentra
Greddy type RS. recirc

x2. eventually.
2009-06-26 20:53:21
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Must... not... respond...

Must... stay... on... topic...

Sorry Sure there are other variables, but we'll save that for another day.
2009-06-26 21:14:44
Greddy RS. I love it
2009-06-26 21:41:35
Oh yah, have a lot of experience with the Greddy Type-S BOV. Couldn't stand it. For the most part, I don't like adjustable BOVs. Same reason I don't like adjustable FPRs. Anyway, it did an okay job. Vented to atmosphere sounded like I was spewing rice all over the road though.
2009-06-26 22:54:31
im running an ebay tial knockoff 51mm bov. Rated to 32psi of boost and i love it, Sounds good. Not obnoxiously loud but nice crisp blow off when getting on it and a nice flutter when partially throttle and letting off at low rpms.
2009-06-26 23:59:51
Like Ben, I too am using a 1G DSM. I love it. I crushed it a bit instead of drilling ports etc. I have gotten it to hold steady at 24psi, it just barely barely seeps at that boost level.

It is quiet, it doesn't blow off unnecessarily when revving at idle, and is dirt cheap.

I couldn't really ask for a better BOV. They are a dime a dozen and work great! They just don't sound all ricey.
2009-06-27 00:41:02
1 dsm bov on the current setup and will be moving to a turbo xs h-34 on the new setup due to increased boost levels(over 20psi)
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