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Thread: 370cc quick ??

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2009-06-11 21:57:11
370cc quick ??
quick question about the 370cc

do i need to add anything of can i just swap out the 250cc for the 370s

in other words its it plug and play or not.

need to know before i start the car. i already swapped the injectors into the fuel rail and put the stock injector plugs in on it
2009-06-11 22:07:00
They will fit right in, you will need a right tune though .
2009-06-11 22:21:08
yep your computer needs to be programed for them or its not going to run right
2009-06-11 22:31:27
A ecu retune or piggy back that will compensate for larger injectors. Also you should lube the o-rings on the injectors prior to install or they may leak causing drivability issues.
2009-06-12 01:34:20
ok yeah ill be useing the SAFC2 i just wanted to know it it would be okay for now .

thanks guys.
2009-06-12 01:39:43
Worse case scenario the car will just run stupid rich. You shoulf be ok with an safc though.
2009-06-12 03:26:19
I ran the stock ECU on a DET, other then the time being a bit too low and wrong, the car ran ok.

The problem was starting the car, since ECU had a hard time getting the injector latency, size, k value, etc. it would take about 20 cranks to start.
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