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Thread: how to install alky injection devilsown in a Primera

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2009-06-02 16:46:40
how to install alky injection devilsown in a Primera
here are the pics of the installation of the alky in my p11

Place of pump


mesured holes

Line in a windshuield washer recipient

Pass the lines with oem fuel lines

Install nozzle m7 in a intake pipe

Final install of pump with recipient in the trunk
2009-06-02 16:49:52

Can you snag better pictures of the overall setup when you get a chance? Maybe make it a bit more detailed? Kinda hard to see some of the shots.

What are you using to tune for alchy injection?
2009-06-02 16:53:48
Ok man
let me see if i can shot better pícs and detail the procces
2009-06-02 16:54:57
Awesome, thanks! I'll vote this as sticky material once it gets cleaned up a bit

Your install is very straight-forward, and looks like it didn't take much time. My next step was going to by alchy injection once I got some other stuff sorted out.
2009-06-02 17:02:07
I mounted my pump in the front behind the driver side of the bumper ahead of the wheel well, I have been thinking of moving it but wanted it as close to the solenoid as possible. Do you see any fall off in pressure with the pump mounted that far back?

2009-06-02 17:18:11
No man
0 problems whit the pressure
The install its very easy, this kit (stage 1) come whit all necesary, teflon in the nozzles, check valve, clear instructions, line of water and alcohol (4 meters aprox 12 feet ), switch, t for de vacuum line, etc

Its very easy, for the moment i can see lower 11.s afr in the wideband at 15 psi with the crap gasoline of my country, with 60% water and 40% alcohol for drugstore
Here the same video in my post in a member rides
i was run with aprox 15 psi, 100% alcohol, with 15 base timming in a 300 meters in a track day

thanks to jpsr20det for advices
Thanks my friend
2009-06-02 18:31:43
This is a decent write-up....But Im confused as to why you were so overt with your pump and resevoir install.....I have done over 30 meth inj, installs and you would never even know the car had meth on it.... Like I said, decent write-up (so don't get offended), but the install could have been much better....IMO
2009-06-02 19:29:12
The temp in my country around then 100-120°F all year, and the space in my engine bay its very limited, (specially in the space in the hot side), so its more easy for me the refill in the trunk
A option: in the fender under de batery but i have a problems with the crap streets her, its more fore safety reasons IMO
thanks (I dont offended )
2009-06-03 16:34:42
good deal manuel. I will be putting meth injection soon as well.
2009-06-03 16:43:47
Now porno king is boosted and with alky LOL.. good job Meme...
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