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Thread: Just got back from the strip!!!! 11.3@127mph

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2009-05-30 11:08:26
Just got back from the strip!!!! 11.3@127mph
well it was definetly an interesting night. First run on my slicks i decided to go balls out (bad idea) launched in 2nd gear and 2nd-4th gear just pounded the rev limiter not going anywhere with complete tire spin full throttle on 24psi of boost, ended up grinding my tranny cuz my cable stretched and lost a cylinder from missing a gear.

Borrowed a couple tools to pop the valve cover i knew i threw a rocker on #4 so sure enough it was the exhaust #4 rocker and it was still in one piece with no major dings so i found the shims, loosened the cam to where it rose up a bit and popped the rocker back in and torqued the cam back down. Bam started right up like a champ, I used a piece of rope to shim my clutch cable (again i drove 3 hours to go and i wasnt giving up easy)

Got back to the line and did another launch in 2nd gear this time i bogged bad, real bad and all while trying to modulate the throttle to keep from rediculous wheel spin. So i modulated it through 2nd and 3rd then full throttle in 4th, Ran a 13.2@127mph. Had two back to back like this same time same mph. I got my 1st gear to stay in so i did the next ones in 1st. First one i did not get the revs up higher and dumped the clutch too soon and bogged bad. 2.2 60ft and ran a 12.0@127mph, Next run my final run i did the same, still bogged real bad 1.9 60ft and hit the shifts quicker all while still 1/3-1/2 throttle 1st-3rd then full throttle in 4th and 5th gear, Clutch slipping top of 4th and all of 5th bad. Ran a best of 11.36@126.5mph The car has soo much more in it but they kicked me off for no roll cage or 5 point harness. So yeah needless to say that was the end of my night but it was probably one of the best nights at the track with overcoming a mishap and getting it back up and running the same night.

Anyways here are some vids and pics from tonight with a 1.7XX 60ft or better which is my norm had i rev limiter launched it like i normally do and had the clutch held im pretty sure a 10sec pass was there at well over 130mph:


Sorry the vid didnt come out too good. But enjoy.
2009-05-30 11:39:44
How much boost were you making on those passes?..
My car did 11.1 @ 128 with 1.8 60ft with 21psi but my car its full trim no weight reduction thats why am asking your car should run those times with 20psi or less due to the weight reduction...
Anyway good progress....
Keep working on the car...
2009-05-30 11:49:06
i was running 24psi but the 22X8X15 m/t slicks were just not holding to the power. That was mainly the only issue. I could have run probably a 10.9-11.0 had i had the chance for a better launch. I usually cut Low 1.7 60ft's all day long launching at the rev limiter, But i was trying to accomidate for power but it still needed to be launched at the rev limiter to really get out of the hole like i normally do. Being its all done out of boost anyways. Just never got the chance. My last run i ended up dumping the clutch too quickly as i pounded the throttle the floor as simutaneously dropping the ebrake and dumped the clutch. ended up launching at like 5k or so. Better, but still not great at all. Just cutting the 60ft back down to a low low 1.7 not including the slipping clutch in 4th and 5th gear i probably would have netted a 10.9 pass at the same 127mph or so speed.

Just need some more practice with the added power, It was all throttle modulation until 4th gear, hahaha plus im trying to work on baby slicks here. The car definetly has the power to run deep into the 10's at well over 130mph. The slipping clutch is the cause for the lower trap speed but again if i can get traction sooner that would be a big plus. I think once i wear through these slicks that i may just end up getting a pair of 24" or 24.5" X9 slicks cuz i definetly need the extra traction, haha
2009-05-30 14:58:54
you gotta heat up those slicks some more you just cleaned them off in that video thats a real good mph deff a chance of a 10 sec pass
2009-05-30 15:04:15
Hey Ashton, this should be in the drag racing section.
Also, can you enter your times here?

2009-05-30 15:40:51
Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie
you gotta heat up those slicks some more you just cleaned them off in that video thats a real good mph deff a chance of a 10 sec pass

lol long story short the track officials thought i was dumping oil on the track which ended up being that silver wrx i ran so he made me back up and do a burnout to see and at the time i didnt know if my 1st gear was working so i did it in second, needless to say it glazed my clutch over pretty good and ended up just with a slipping clutch that whole run, not good, Thats why i opted not to do a huge burnout. Its just too much for the size slicks im running.

Oh well always next time out. Might be a while since i gotta find a cage and harness. Again had i rev limiter launched i could have cut my 1.7XX or better. Im pretty consistant with it with full throttle rev limiter launch with preloading. Works pretty well but yeah into boost it just wouldnt hold the power, haha
2009-05-30 15:57:30
Congrats man ... !
2009-05-31 16:42:57
Car is running decent. You need bigger slicks for sure.
2009-06-01 15:25:44
good job. my car will be on a similar setup with a stock short block, so this is pretty inspiring....

102MPH in the 1/8 should be good for at least 130 traps. but that's what drag racing is all about. you fix/change a couple things, then go back and try it again with (hopefully) better results.
2009-06-01 18:26:05
yeah thats what i figured i should have been in the 130-135mph range but yeah i think my 1/8th mile mph could have been quite faster as well being before that is where i could not even get traction but its also my clutch wasnt slipping 1st-3rd gear anyways and even beginning of 4th which would explain that part. But the car definetly has some serious power and it moves with the light weight i just need some more traction and not glaze over my clutch with a nasty 2nd gear burnout, haha

Ill stick to just heating them up in 1st more than i did in the vids, i usually just do a really nice 1st gear burnout and its worked well cuz again my 60ft's are usually 1.70 on these same slicks. Definetly need the extra traction to actually move down the track like i know it can. Oh well there is always another day. Maybe sometime after summer when it cools down cuz it was still 85-90 deg out during all my runs, It was quite a hot day that day.

Definetly by the fall season i should have the cage, 5 point harness and seat in and be back for some more action, not to mention a nice new tranny as well and again stock se-r tranny has held up quite well i will say. 1st and 2nd gear were already messed up from another incedient that had nothing to do with power. haha
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