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Thread: T28 question

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2009-05-15 14:13:54
Originally Posted by sokol01
ok i dont want to sound dumb but is their alot mods that need to be done to do a gt28rs ?? i was going to rebuild it my self...

a gt28rs is a direct bolt on for a gtir setup. you only need to add a oil restrictor for the ball bearing turbo.
2009-05-16 11:04:16
or fit a new oil feed line while its apart and use a -3 oil feed?
2009-05-16 19:23:26
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
It's actually 10% variation from the highest cylinder, to the lowest compression cylinder.

And it really does matter. A stock DE should net ~175ish across the board, and mine netted ~135ish across the board. That's below Nissans' specs in the FSM. With a T25 at 10lbs of boost, that motor only made 170whp, with cams, 3" exhaust, etc.

Yeah I know but it usually doesn't matter, as Why I said not as much as lol. I've gone from 140-160 just from using a different tester. Obiviously if you have close to 100 on all cylinders you car is gonna run like crap. But it's just easier to go from seeing if one cylinder is a lot lower then others.
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