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Thread: turbo timer - already searched!

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2009-04-30 06:26:43
turbo timer - already searched!
Hey guys, I can't find the answer I need anywhere, but I'm sure someone out there knows it. I ended up with a 300zx turbo timer harness, and I'd like to install it naturally. I read about a bazillion install threads on both forums saying that the 300zx harness works, you just have to switch two pins. The downside of this is that nobody ever says which pins. Does someone know? Also, there were some claims on these various threads that the s13/s14 harness works without modification, but some threads refuted this claim. Can anyone confirm this for me 100% by personal experience? If so, I'll just grab a new harness and that will work just as well. I just need to get this thing going and I know I can do it without splicing crap. Thanks guys!
2009-04-30 22:39:44
i used a s13/14 and it worked flawless no pins needed to be switched. never used a 300zx
2009-05-01 13:10:57
I tested a Greddy S13/S14 TT harness on my SER before I junk the car and it worked like a charm. no splicing or anything.
2009-05-01 13:31:21
Wait, what? People are still using turbo timers?
2009-05-01 16:47:02
Thanks guys. I appreciate the input.
2009-05-01 22:56:52
i had installed one ummm about 5 years ago on one of my first turbo sentra's havent since then. i just try not to shut the car down when its piping hot.
2009-05-02 07:06:45
That's what I've always done, but it's a pain and I figured what the heck, the car's all in pieces anyway, what's one more bit of hardware? I just went ahead and ordered me up an s13 greddy harness.
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