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Thread: Going back to the track, i was thinking..

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2009-04-27 18:44:18
Going back to the track, i was thinking..
This might be my last time going down the 1/4 with the t25. I just ordered m/t 15/24.5/8 and i have my traction bars I want to pull the act. vacuum line and just let the turbo just spool to whatever. Would it be safe with 116oct and im running a calum ecu 4bar/370cc/z32? I know im just asking for trouble..lol
2009-04-27 18:49:37
If by some miracle of God you don't melt a hole through the track and end up below the Earth's crust, you'll just run a slower time. You may make 30 psi, but it'll make less power than 15 psi.
2009-04-27 18:58:07
This would be a poor idea.
2009-04-27 19:11:43
dont do it, trust me not even 116 octane will save you from melting the piston, way way too much backpressure and heat, Trust me i know, been there dont that and that wasnt even with the vac line pulled, That was at 17psi spike holding 14-15psi. Trust me you can see where it detonated the side of the piston out halfway up the bore, it wasnt even slight detenation, it was a catastrophy.
2009-04-27 19:42:59
OK I won't do it, I use to do that with my twinturbo z and i broke 11.8s lol everyone thought i was crazy for doing it but my mechanic had the car tuned just right..
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