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Thread: The Turbo DE+T Build Continues

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2010-11-11 05:53:06
Thanks, that grill is still primered and has not yet been painted. I have to paint one of the fenders and will hit the outside of the grill with the Aztec and keep the inside black and then clear it.
2010-11-12 09:04:04
Hey that is exactly the kind of project I want my car to be. How did you feel it fixing the wires and changing the spark plugs gap? If you go to the Dyno I really would like to know the results.

Congratz BTW... Nice Looking Bay
2010-11-13 15:10:48
The bay will get some cleaning, reorganizing and painting the IC piping. There was noticable difference in the plug wires as I must of been just running off of 2 cylinders and I felt it missing when it spooled up and smelled tons of fuel.

I did a leak down test and found 2 leaks. One at my couple and one vacuum line by the throttle body elbow that I forgot about. Fixed those and now my idle is steady at 800 rpm.

I will be putting in my manual boost controller and turn up the boost a bit and check my a/f and then hit the dyno for some real tuning and a/f mapping.
2010-11-13 15:17:31
Nice! Keep it that way!
2010-12-07 06:23:19
in for updates
2010-12-22 02:52:55
The update- I have tuned the car to my best ability using the wideband. I will have to hit a dyno to get my real readings for a better tune. I am boosting at 14 psi now and will keep it here for a bit. Car pulls real hard and I lose traction too quick. LSD might be in order for me down the road.
2011-01-23 23:44:04
Wow! 14 psi! As far as I know that's a little too much for a DE+T.

I hope you hit the Dyno anytime soon to see the results
2011-01-24 04:51:16
14psi is too much if u dont have the fuel to back it up... that level of boost is fine on a DE+T
2011-01-24 05:01:13
You should move the throttle cable behind the engine. Cleans it up a little.
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