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Thread: Well... here was the culprit

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2009-04-21 16:28:43
Whenever I went to a gas station I would use the highest octane they had (Usually 93)
2009-04-21 16:41:28
My point was that 14 psi from a T25 isn't the whole story. I don't have the compressor map for a T25 in front of me, but what flow are we dealing with? Basically, you can make 14 psi and flow anywhere from 180 lbs. per hour (approx. 180 HP) to 270 lbs. per hour (approx. 270 HP). If you're flowing 180 lbs. per hour you're probably close to the surge line of the compressor and you're in a very inefficient part of the compressor map and you can be in a lot of trouble with high heat. This can be caused by all manner of restrictions in the intake.
If you're flowing 270 lbs. per hour you're probably off the compressor map in the oposite direction and you're in a very inefficient part of the compressor map and you can be in a lot of trouble with heat again. This can be caused by a very free-flowing intake. It's basically like putting a T25 on a 2.5 liter engine and trying to run 14 psi. The turbo struggles to compress that much air. This is what I was getting at with the jar (engine) with a big hole (large displacement or low restriction intake drawing tons more air than normal). Boost leaks can also cause the same behavior as jere mentioned; definitely.

That's what I was getting at. Sorry for the confusion.

I don't know your particular setup very well, but a mediocre/typical set-up can run 14 psi and flow maybe 240 lbs. per hour. This is where the T25 is going to be a lot happier and give less heat with the air.

Just something to think about.

(I was running a T28 ragged at 11 psi for example, although my problems were very much timing related.)
2009-04-21 17:24:46
So what kind of set up should I run next time? I'll eventually upgrade to a t28, but for the first month or so I will probably just keep the stock t25 that will come with the motor.
2009-04-21 19:20:04
if you want to run 14psi on the T25, invest in a meth/water injection kit...nuff said.
2009-04-21 19:22:40
Just keep the boost down to 10 psi or something more reasonable on that T25 until you can get the T28 in there.

Water/meth is also an option as Taurus45acp said.

This is assuming your fuel and timing were good in the first place. They might not have been. That would be my first concern obviously.
2009-04-21 19:49:49
Alright, yeah ill probably keep it around 8-10lbs on my next motor, and then when I get the t28 ill bump it up a little bit. I just miss that feeling 14lbs had

Also, is there any difference between a regular sr20det head and an Avenir W11? If the W11 head is better I was thinking about just putting it on the new motor, but I wanted to get an opinion from you guys first.
2009-04-21 19:53:02
I've never heard of them being any different or better, but I really couldn't tell you.

You'll get the same feeling (or better) out of the T28 and it'll be safer. =]
2009-04-21 20:45:18
Haha that's what I want. I was just curious about the Avenir's because they come stock with a little bit more horse power, not sure where the HP came from, if it came from the valve train or the block. I'll have to do a little more research. I think when I get a new motor, I'm going to rebuild everything in the block just to make sure this doesn't happen again.
2009-04-21 20:48:23
Oh, and just to give you guys a little look, this is my SER against an 07 Mustang GT.

YouTube - 2007 Mustang GT vs 92 Sentra SE-R
2009-04-21 20:49:13
Originally Posted by 92BoostedSER
not sure where the HP came from
I'm pretty sure they just run more boost than the W10s. The W11s run 9 psi stock and the W10s run 7 psi. Something like that anyway. They made sure they had a ball bearing turbo to run those astronomical boost levels too.
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