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Thread: My first boosted ride.... whoooooaassss

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2009-04-23 21:04:08
Even if it holds pressure, it could still have a tiny leak. Even the slightest leak can potentially cause a mis-fire/hard start.

One other thing to check, whats your TPS set to?
2009-04-23 21:15:33
tps is pretty spot on but we are going to check it again just to make sure
2009-04-25 15:21:20
We did the following on Thursday night:

1. Fans came on immediately.. Checked codes
CEL: Temp Sensor - Temp Sensor was unplugged - Corrected
CEL: Crank Sensor - Oil found inside Dizzy - Corrected, installed another Dizzy
Cleared Codes & now the fans dont come on immediately..
Note: It was not a bad chip burn as suspected.

2. Configuration was changed: BC2 Cams installed & we installed E60 MAF
Installed new bin file for: DET with E60 MAF, 370INJ 4 Bar & Cams:
a. Car would not start
b. TPS unplugged = No Start
No Codes - Rechecked the chips = Good burn
Cause unknown

3. Configuration changed: Reinstalled the N60 MAF (regrounded .002).
Installed old bin file for: DET with N60 MAF, 370INJ 4 Bar Bin & raised idle.
a. Pulled rail & performed injector leak down test = No Leaks found
b. Verified fuel pressure: 4 Bar exactly
c. Verified TPS setting: .46v exactly closed
d. Car started but smoked really bad & very low idle (hunting 400-600rpm)
e. No O2 reading. Unplug TPS = normal idle @ 1200rpm

Plugged up the TPS and Jen drove the car home @ 3AM..

4. Friday's status: Car drives better... I went fishing
a. Higher Idle = 1500 @ Start; Hunting idle between 1000/1200 @ Operating Temp
b. Timing is still a little off. Will reset timing to exactly 15deg & adjust the idle over the weekend.

STRANGE series of events but we are slowly getting there! !
2009-04-25 16:54:03
the car is a beast now lol. i have no idea what the heck happen from 3am and 1 pm but the car started right up without holding the gas down. it drove better and it idle better. it felt even better at night driving it around. this mourning the car started right up and drove better then yesterday. idle still hunts but bearly mostly stays around 1000 rpms now. Scotty my motor has a mind of its own! but im loving it lol

probable cause.....

what i think happen is when you fix all the little stupid problems and put the old program back on you reseted the ecu and started the self learn and since we knew everything was good with no code the self learn did a better job of learning then before....
2009-04-25 17:25:03
Great News Jen ! !

Yeah we did do alot of little cleanup stuff:
- Reground the MAF
- Removed paint & cleaned up all of your grounds
- Rechecked your spark plug wires & pushed all the way in
- Set the TPS
- Adjusted the Idle
- Applied the Dizzy screw Slop mod
- Regrounded your Grounding Kit
- Remounted your ECU (put it back in the holder/mount) Did u reinstall it???
- Did the injector leak down test & Double checked the fuel pressure

Maybe you are good until you install something else....
2009-04-25 17:43:28
lol maybe but aint nuthing getting put in for a while. i might not even touch my turbo till i get ready to go on a longer trip. the t25 is holding up good and there is no oil going throung anymore. and i still have full oil on my dipstick. I will be much happier when i put it to 15 degress
2009-04-27 13:35:13
Dang DC, you and Jen been hard at it. Way to stay in there.
2009-04-27 18:36:14
still have things to work out but its running better
2009-04-29 20:33:51
I like how he hasn't even updated this thread...

C'mon damnit! Say something!!!
2009-04-30 00:09:38
GOOD **** jen....only scary thing is not knowing what ever happened....its like goin to the doctor when suttins wrong but the doctors cant find nuttin....****s with ya mind..but its good that its runnin now...sounds like my car with the 1000 idle
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