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Thread: My first boosted ride.... whoooooaassss

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2009-05-04 16:12:01
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
Not unbelievable in the slightest. Just find it funny how giddy he is

You should have heard the voicemail I got from him the other day

lol i got a text aswell.. Your first kill is like your first piece of ass, hell sometimes its better..lol My first kill was a rt/10 viper i was smiling ear to ear for a couple months..
2009-05-04 16:14:56
Mine was a Saleen
2009-05-04 17:50:54
hey damn it i gota start out small u fu ckers. u guys and your big hp cars. i aint in yall kill level status yet lol
2009-05-04 19:32:39
damn yall beating sti's, saleens and vipers, i was happy i beat a civic si lol, i need my car boosted
2009-05-05 20:38:00
lol. i was already doing that NA. u gota go boost man. ppl are right. boost is addicting. i duno how ppl go back
2009-05-22 06:44:21
any updates
2009-05-22 08:50:35
He won't blow it up yet so that's good
2009-05-22 12:19:02
Originally Posted by jen36
boost is addicting.

it is, I beat a GT500 on the way into work this morning and it was only running on 5psi.
2009-05-22 14:16:04
Originally Posted by Keo
it is, I beat a GT500 on the way into work this morning and it was only running on 5psi.

Aren't you in a twin turbo 'Vette? I sure hope you could lay down a GT500
2009-05-22 14:52:23
no updates really.money is tight. i owe tekkie for his services. dyno time to tune the car is a buck twenty a hour and i dont got that kind of extra cash. bills are comming left and right so who knows when i will have numbers. . .uggh

only issue im having is that evry once in a while i would get a puff of smoke out the exhaust. it happens when i start to slow down to a stop. sometimes it happens while a steady speed. the turbo from the previous owner said it never smoked. im going to check compression but i doubt its a ring. motor is running way to strong for that. i did over fill the oil a bit to compinsate for the oil in the lines. maybe i need to drain some. also my oil return was leaking 2. hopefully that was fixed yesterday.

i also got this weird ass belt problem. the alty belt always comes lose. i tighten the belt and like 3 days later its lose again. i dont understand. my only solution is that the long pivote bolt that goes threw that bottom part of the alty is lose. but i mean evrything else is as tight as can be

and last but not least. tires. wtf do u guys do in first and second gear! i get no traction what so ever. i went up to a 15 inch tire with basically brand new nittos and it didnt seem to do anything. i dont kno how u turbo guys stay with the stock wheels! is there anything i can do to help? maybe deflate the tires a lil?
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