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Thread: My first boosted ride.... whoooooaassss

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2009-04-12 20:10:55
My first boosted ride.... whoooooaassss
so im all excited and i finally get to drive my car and take it for a spin. put all the fluids in and make sure eveyrthing is fine. wired up the N60 maf according to the jwt diagram which says 300zx but from what i read its the same wire set up..

i start my car and it bogs and then shoots up to 5k rpms and stays there. turned it off and did it again. same thing happens. we adjusted the idle with the IACV and it helped a lil. it still shot up. I mess with the maf plug and put the clip and it went away. hopefully that was it,,,

ok so i go to start the car and its still acting stupid. i back it out and prepare to go on my spin. the first thing i notice is that my car bogs from 1k rpms to about 3 and then it feels normal and i can hear the turbo build boost.. well not really normal because it still feels slow as balls. my OLD de could run circles around this DET.. scotty is comming by with his computer and see whats going on. Set my sensors to range and put the car to proper timing. then i need to get some better spark plug because i have a heat range of 5 so they are probably toast already... other then that it did feel good to hear a blow off valve lol
2009-04-12 20:46:07
hopefully you get everything worked out jen.....im puttin together my de+t and im worried about the same ****...goin to start it and all the problems start
2009-04-12 20:51:56
Check your throttle cable lol I had that problem once and it was way to tight lol Got any pics of it ?
2009-04-12 20:53:32
well first off i have to set my afpr to 4 bar. does anybody know what the stock setting is at for a nismo AFPR put the box????

i know putting it at the correct psi setting should help with the bogging

hopefully i will feel the 80hp gain before tonight!!

the throttle was the first thing that i checked. its not the throttle cable.because it would stay constant at 5k forever but it comes and goes. but since i pluged in the maf with the clip it has since done that.
2009-04-12 21:04:31
Originally Posted by LikeTheMovies
Check your throttle cable lol I had that problem once and it was way to tight lol Got any pics of it ?

heres a pic

2009-04-12 21:13:18
Very clean!
2009-04-12 21:20:46
it looks wayyyyyyyyy better in person lol...
2009-04-12 23:56:31
scotty has finally came in and started work on the car. i let you guys know how to goes.
2009-04-13 00:05:55
that is the best condition TMIC I have ever seen.
2009-04-13 00:06:08
Got Dayam so clean! It's about damn time!!!!! Welcome to boost Jenny, there's no turning back!!!!!!!

I'm so proud of you !
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