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Thread: Build has begun, Updated 9/14/09 Tune fixed!!!!!!!

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2009-04-17 00:52:33
were gonna be pulling the car to the carwash probably with my nx lol.
2009-04-17 01:08:17
Originally Posted by Morning
were gonna be pulling the car to the carwash probably with my nx lol.

I can see that ending well
2009-04-17 04:46:45
no we towed it with my buddies s13det swapped 240 (done by me) haha it went well its only right down the street like less than a 1/4 mile away. haha
2009-04-18 05:02:44
I wonder if you have the record for saying haha on here Ashton, LOL. Good luck with the build, hope it ends up ok this time.
2009-04-18 05:06:23
lol im gonna take more pics tonight of the motor. Still didnt get my lifters or s4 cams in yet but i threw a set of stockers in for now just during the breakin and ill switch out the lifters for the RR ones and the cams for the S4's once they get in. I need to get the car running to do the breakin.

Motor will be going in tommorrow. Just butonning up the motor like putting the valve cover on and flywheel and clutch and tranny then its ready to go. And damn all i have to say is this thing has some compression to it when i was turning it over by hand timing the cams. Cams are set and timed and ready to go. Pics up later tonight i promise.
2009-04-18 06:58:34
well here is a little update. Motor is fully assembled and ready to go in, Just gotta put on my fidanza flywheel and ACT clutch and bolt the tranny and stuff to it.

I didnt get a chance to go and get a B15 or P11 trans yet so i took a buddies broken tranny with no first or second gear and tore it apart to see whats up. Found the syncros for 1st and 2nd pretty chewed up and a broken piece of a syncro tooth lodged inside the shift collar. So i got that out, cleaned up the syncro teeth as best i could and then found what that piece did. There are these once peice prongs 3 per shift collar that appear to keep the gear locked in place when engaged. Well one was completely bent and twisted around not even allowing it to go into first gear and making it very difficult to get into second as is. It wouldht go into 2nd gear before at all but that was because the piece of the syncro.

So i bend the prong back into shape and whalla, it made it much easier to go into first and second gear. Not as smooth as the rest but it did go in. I think if i mess with the shifter enough when im doing the breakin and work the syncros a bit i can get those teeth to smoothen out a bit and get it to shift easier. We will see how well it goes. But it will work for now until i get some extra money to get a b15 or p11 trans.

I welded my wideband o2 bung onto my downpipe today as well. So tommorrow i will be putting the drivetrain on and putting it in the car. Might actually have it running by tommorrow night if all goes well. But we will see.

Still just waiting on my s4 cams and rr hydraulic lifters to come in. Along with an oil pressure guage (electronic) that should be here tommorrow if im lucky. Cams might be here tommorrow as well. But im waiting until the lifters come in to do those.

Here are the pics of the progress and the painted bay. The car will be painted a midnight blue when all finished up so thats why i went with the black for the bay. Plus it looks soo good in black. And it will match my piping and valve cover and theme really well. Oh and the valve cover is temporary until i get my powdercoated one. haha

Oh and i also took a picture of my custom made dogbone mount that i did when i first ever went turbod. i know there was a couple people that wanted to see it. Oh and it was free other than the prothane mount which i used from my other prothane dogbone mount.
2009-04-18 07:03:02
you are such a liar where the hell are the pics u promised man?!!??
2009-04-18 07:07:48
lol look again buddy. haha
2009-04-18 19:57:09
2009-04-18 20:28:46
if i had the time and a welder i would, i used my uncles welder. I might consider doing them when i do get a welder
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