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Thread: My real Bluebird project..

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2009-05-26 01:11:47
Awesome project! I've dreamt of a Bluebird ever since I had a 93 Altima GXE and was on Altimas.net. Actually, that is where I first learned about the SR20.
2009-05-28 04:03:21
Thanks, I also had the same dream and it came true, and I still have an Altima too its the fastest one until proven other wise.
2009-05-28 04:08:26
Custom mounts ready to go.
All the red mounts are made by Prothane but are not intended for this car. I had to modify every one of them to fit.

Something else I made, this damn car has 5$$$ mounts!!!
2009-06-18 13:22:33
Congrats on the build, it’ll be great to see another U13 Attesa kicking butts on the track...

The main issue about our cars is the tranny, I’m on my third gear set now (first bluebird
Gear set = gone, second GTiR gear set = gone, third GTiR gear set = waiting to be destroyed)…. Since I’m hoping to be in the 500+awhp range I don’t think the tranny will hold so I’ll just have to wait and then buy the PPG gear set (expensive as hell).

The other problem is the weight, our cars are damned heavy (1380 kilos = 3042 lbs)

Other than that….!!!!AWD Bluebirds FTW!!!!...

2009-06-19 00:35:32
This is my tranny saying bye bye...

YouTube - Bluebird U13 Attesa - Tranny Gone

2009-06-19 01:10:54
2009-06-19 01:31:52
Yea I feel you on the tranny issue, I have never broken one of these trannies but I've seen enough to make take precaution and try to do something to reinforce the outter case which I my opinion is the real problem not the gears. I didnt a chance to take pics of the inside of the case before I put the trans back but I did a little something to inside of it also. I'm also running a U12 BB trans which has a shorter first and second gear , this should make it easier for the car to launch from a dead stop and put less load on the drive train . I think the weight isnt the real problem either because Gtir's are lighter and they break cases just as much. It all comes down to poor design of the transmission , the Evo is a bit heavier then our cars and they dont break as many cases as Nissans'. The funny thing is that I heard that all these transmissions are made by the same manufacture, they just have different designs.
2009-06-19 01:41:56
Cases are the second weakest link, gears will break first. Thats why it's better to get a straight cut gear set cause that eliminates efforts on cases.

2009-06-19 05:07:12
The straight cut gear does not eliminate the breakage, I have seen at least 2 gtir cases with straight cut gears break, they do help but if the case is not reinforced or a gear cuff is not used the case will split.
2009-06-25 18:03:32
This is a gearset I got made for my Altima that has a FWD 50A trans in it, most of these parts will the AWD 50A found in the Bluebird, GTIR and many other AWD Nissans.


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