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Thread: What clutch ???

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2008-12-26 20:26:09
What clutch ???
are you using if you have more than say 350whp or close to?
2008-12-26 20:37:49
Clutchmasters FX500

2008-12-26 20:45:03
Anything 350whp or more your going to need a six puck with a GOOD presure plate.

I was running a 6 puck Clutchnet unsprung with a green pressure plate and it held fine. But itll slipp on hard launches down low. Now Im going with a 2x pressure plate and the six puck unsprung. It should holw the hp im looking for fine.
2008-12-26 22:06:30
im using the clutchnet double diaphram on a solid 6puck disc, i must say it is bad for daily driving, but for the track it never gave a hiccup or anything,

i think im gonna get a sprung hub and replace the solid one
2008-12-26 23:57:17
I had bad luck with a Clutchmasters FX300 on stock power

popped a clutch spring
2008-12-27 00:35:41
Clutchmasters twin disk ftw.
2008-12-27 00:59:21
wouldn't 350 whp roast an SE-R tranny ?
2008-12-27 01:31:26
nope as long as you are not crashing gears and 7000 rpm clutch dumps it will be fine. Also get prothanes if you dont have them.
2008-12-27 03:43:27
How much whp does a ACT XTSS clutch setup hold?
2008-12-27 04:23:32
Originally Posted by gomba
How much whp does a ACT XTSS clutch setup hold?

around 320-350 ft/lbs.
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