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Thread: n60 maf problems

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2008-12-28 05:36:16
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
you have a bin for the n62 jon? and i'm guessing the n62 is out of what...99+ maxima's? Part # would be great.

Ok, man you are a little confused. A N62(orange label) is from a 300zxtt maf and is good for 500whp+ and the N60(purple label) is form a 90-94 maxima and is good to like 350whp.

hope this helps
2008-12-28 19:31:31
what kind of problems were you having with the n60?
2008-12-28 21:35:00
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
what kind of problems were you having with the n60?

I wasn't having any problems. It won't support the kinda of power I am looking for (400whp)
2009-04-06 17:44:28
finally got my internet hooked up...miss this ****. So here's the update, I scrapped the n60 for the n62 maf...it's wired right. I checked the fuel pressure again to make sure that it was set right. I still have the 520 subie injectors at .4 bar. I'm running blowthrough on the car with the wastegate set at 9psi. IT STILL RUNS LIKE ****! Running really really rich (black smoke), car doesn't want to run with the maf plugged in, I unplug the maf and it seems to idle fine, tried to drive it up the street the other day with the maf unplugged and it broke up really bad. It revs fine ...up to 3500 at least but won't rev up under load. Fuel pressure stays right at 59 psi when idling but the hold pressure leaks off fairly quickly down to about 20 psi and then holds. Is it possible that my fpr is bad? I've checked the o-rings several times for knicks and scratches because i thought that they might be leaking, do i need to swap the subie orings for nissan orings? I didn't see any difference. Anyways I'm at a dead end here and the only other thing i can think of is that the .bin I have must be a little off. oh, forgot to mention and I eliminated the turbo thinking that might be part of my problem but it acted the same exact way just running off of the intake.
2009-04-06 19:06:14
Blue smoke is oil

Black is fuel
White is coolant

If you are concerned about leaking o-rings undo the rail from the manifold and sit it ontop of some clean dry rags, then turn the car to the on position to turn the fuel pump on. Go check for leaks then. That will rule them out quickly. Visually checking for knicks doesn't rule out leak IMO.

Hook up the consult cable and record will help also. You can use calumsult to record quickly.
2009-04-06 19:35:27
def. don't think it's oil, smells like gas for sure. Still working on getting the consult cable, I've got NDS and all just no way to hook it up at the moment.
2009-04-07 13:53:20
ok, so i'm gonna check again for vaccuum leaks and if i find nothing there I'll try to take my fuel pressure back down to .3 bar and see if maybe my .bin wasn't labeled wrong or something. If that doesn't work I'll check the injectors for leakage. Anything else?? haha
2009-04-08 17:25:32
ok, another update. pressure tested the intake, everything seems to be fine except for the piping i have mounted in front of the maf, but this shouldn't affect how the car runs...everything between the maf and the TB is solid and all my lines off the intake are good. Remember I do not have the intercooler piping hooked up I'm running it on blow through with only the maf and piping. I checked my maf voltage on the z32 and it checks out...well I had 10.5 on a battery that failed load test (can't start the car with it) I had 10.5 on the hot wire and 0.45 on the signal wire which is about right considering the battery isn't fully charged. So I know the maf is hooked up right.

I did notice earlier when I was fooling around with some bins that my VQ table is different from another .bin that I downloaded that had the same maf. The other .bin had smaller injectors but the VQ should be the same right? But rom editor does have the z32 maf VQ map under edit:function:replace vq map. So I'm pretty sure I have the right one. I'm going out now to check the injectors to see if one is leaking and if they all check out i'm almost positive that it has to be something with my tune.
2009-04-08 19:35:31
Well the injectors aren't leaking...so I got to fooling around making absolute sure that it didn't have any leaks. My air hose was leaking when i messed with it the first time so I couldn't really hear anything. I sprayed everything down with soapy water but found nothing. This time I put a new hose on it and found that my nismo fpr is leaking, I'm pretty sure that this isn't normal, I mean it's pissing like a college kid at a keg party. So, I'm going to see if I can't figure out how to step the .bin that I have down to .3 bar and put my stock fpr back on for now to see if it will fire up and run ok. Hopefully I'll have another update soon...A good one.

well the old fpr is back on and it passed the leakdown test. Now I just need to change my .bin over to .3 bar which I don't have any idea how to do.
2009-04-11 00:54:43
well i found an excel spreadsheet that outlined what you have to do to change the k value and tp and all for different injectors. I tried my best to change over my 4 bar bin to 3 bar and installed the new chips in the car. The car started and idle'd decent, was up and down between 1k and 2k (guessing i need to do a little work on the cold start cells?) Then once the car began to warm up...it died. I started it back up it idle'd up and down a few times and...yes it died. I let the car cool off and started it up again and it did the same exact thing. I tried to put the car in first and pull it up in the drive way and it wanted to die under a load too. I'm guessing I have something wrong in the TP area of my map. I'm going to see if I can't get a video of what it's doing tomorrow so everyone will have a better idea...it's a little too dark out right now and my nerves are a little shot after reading all day and computing all day and burning all day...chips that is.
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