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Thread: Idle and other stuff

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2008-01-01 08:42:22
ok someone else is telling me maybe the BOV could be bad. could this cause the problem also? Cause it ildes at 16-18hg atm, but it is boggie as hell
2008-01-01 09:01:58
Are you using a draw thru, or blow thru setup? The BOV could make you bog out (run rich) if your MAF is setup before the turbo, and the BOV is not recirculating the charge back into the piping.

In other words, if it's draw thru, it's: filter - MAF - Turbo - piping - BOV - Throttle Body - Intake manifold, the BOV needs to have a hose hooked up to it, from the BOV to the pipe between the MAF and turbo.

If it's blow thru, it's: Filter - Turbo - Piping - BOV - MAF - Throttle Body - Intake Manifold.
2008-01-01 20:26:51
I have it setup like this

BOV to the intake Mani
2008-01-01 22:22:48
just presure tested it and there are no leaks.
2008-01-02 23:06:19
bump anyone............
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