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Thread: will this manifold fit

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2007-12-23 02:33:10
will this manifold fit
im able to get a stock rwd red top det manfold and some other parts to peice together a kit...will the mani fit my fwd de?
2007-12-24 02:28:26
what is needed to make a rwd det maniflod fit a fwd de? ive searched but not found.........anything
2007-12-24 02:34:07
it would fit but it would mount the turbo off to the side more which would mean you have to move some other junk i believe. and what really matters is the turbo ur using and what the manifold is flanged for
2007-12-24 03:27:37
IIRC, you have to cut the flange and turn it a bit. Which way I can't remember.
2007-12-24 04:26:38
how much work would that be to move the flange? is it worth it?
2007-12-24 04:27:27
You can make it work, but it's really not worth the effort, even if you got the parts for cheap. It will cost more in the long run having to buy parts to make everything work, and the time it will take isn't worth it.

So all in all, i wouldn't do it.
2007-12-24 06:07:44
not worth the effort
2007-12-24 07:14:06
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
not worth the effort

I wouldn't say all of that.
Credit goes to coalitionSE-L
As mentioned he cut the flange and turned it.

That is a 240sx Stainless manifold.. It's an Ebay special that goes for like $125 or something.
He has had it on his car for a long time from what i understand no problems.

Link here.. http://www.sr20forum.com/turbo/104810-finally-got-my-u13-home-4.html#post1111099
2007-12-24 07:24:03
depends on if he knows someone who can cut the flange if he cant do it himnself and if he knows anyone who can weld and weld somewhat good
2007-12-24 08:01:01
IMO, it's not worth it.

Why do that, when you can buy a FWD DET cast manifold for anywhere from $75 to $100?
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