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Thread: Help getting car started.

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2008-10-19 23:35:37
Help getting car started.
Well 2 months ago my oil drain plug came loose one night & all the oil spilled out. Not realizing what had happened, I jumped into my car & tried to start it. It started & quickly shut off. Confused, I tried starting the car again & it cranked & I heard a wierd noise come from my motor. I popped my hood & before I even got to lift the hood all the way up I noticed all the oil on the street. I got under the car & noticed that my oil drain plug was missing. I jumped into my other car & went to work. On the way back home, I bought oil & a oil drain plug. I tried starting the car again buy no luck. It wouldnt start. After alot of troubleshooting I noticed that my camshafts broke & that I needed a new head.

I inspected the block & everything looked good. I did the headswap, replaced the headgasket, changed the oil pump, & bought & installed a timing chain kit. I poured in the oil, installed new sparkplugs as well, plugged everything back up.

I tried starting the car & it cranked but wouldnt start. All its doing is cranking & occasionally sputtering. It sounds like it wants to start but it doesnt. Ive tried doing the timing again & playing the dizzy & my NX2000 still wont start. Its getting spark & I can smell the fuel so I know its getting fuel & spark.

What can be wrong?
2008-10-19 23:40:35
I would check the cam timing and ignition timing again
2008-10-19 23:50:00
Originally Posted by byronchrisp05
I would check the cam timing and ignition timing again

I used this post to help me do the cam timing. Is it correct?

timing chain - SR20 Forum

Originally Posted by ashtonsnissannx
you dont freakin need to have the chain on there perfect to do this. its very easy just to eyeball it. set the crank at TDC at the pulley, Then when you put the cams in start with the exhaust cam and have the dowel pin set at 12 Oclock or straight up and down. Then count 20 dowel pins from the dot on the exhaust cam gear and put the intake cam gear dot on the link after so that there are 20 pins in between dots, the dowel pin should be at the 10 oclock position, then put your tensioner in, then turn the motor slowly by hand 2 revolutions and make sure that when you are back at TDC on the crank pulley that your dowel pins on your cams are back at 12 on the exhaust and 10 on the intake and that there are 20 pins inbetween dots. on the cam gears, if so your set, its very noticable if they are off even one tooth.

Dont waste your time pulling the oil pump housing back off again. This is simple. if its off you will know it by looking at it.
2008-10-21 15:11:37
Did you check your battery's voltage? Give it a recharge and see if that helps
2008-10-21 23:25:04
The car started today, but within a minute, the car turned off again. I started it back up, it stayed on for a little longer but it shut itself off. The motor also has NO throttle response. The idle would go up to 1800 then drop, do it again & then die.
2008-10-22 08:47:31
Check all of your electrical connections to stuff like maf tps o2 sensor, check all of your intake pipe make sure everything is air tight, and get the voltage from your battery. Deep discharge kills batteries, and yours hasn't been used for 2 months I'm guessing
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