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Thread: billet turbochargers

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2008-10-10 15:24:13
billet turbochargers
ok now that our dollar is soo freaking low it might be worth while for the Americans to buy one of these turbo's. They are my turbo of choice but just too damn expensive for me.

also you can also get the borg warner ett compressors with the ball bearing center from this guy


and some cars that run these turbos


the worlds most powerfull 2jz runs one as well as many 7sec cars

just to specify i dont run one, always wanted to but didnt have the $$$, so ironically went the otherway and when our dollar was high got a turbonetics bb 50trim when 1aud= .95us however todays exchange rate is 1aud= .65us, so its kind of like a 30% off sale for you, and if they where 30% off i defiantly would have bought one. The good thing for me is i can always get the tn rebuilt with the billet internals later

So with our dollar being soo crap right now, i think it would be a worthwhile option and could get very very cheap. Down here they are considered the bees knees but you have to pay for it.

these are the 2 i was looking at

Billet S-GT3 52 trim, (500hp) .70 A/R Compressor cover, .63 A/R exhaust housing. RRP $2250.00 inc GST.

Billet R-GT3 50 trim, (560+hp) .70 A/R Compressor cover, .63 A/R exhaust housing or .82 A/R exhaust housing. RRP $2250.00 inc GST.

so yeah right now $2250aud is under $1500 u.s. which is wicked as for you lot but sucks for us lol

just thought i would put it out there as this forum has helped me before so just returning the favor
2008-10-10 19:20:05
hmm im in the market for a new turbo,i was looking into a sc61 or gt-k turbonetics, now i have new turbo to look into power goal is of course lucky # 500+whp.
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