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Thread: Car missfirering need help checking what it can be

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2008-10-02 15:58:26
Car missfirering need help checking what it can be
Okay guys my car is missfirering it turns on at soon as u turn the key but if u removed a spark wire no diference on all of them.

I checked the timing ant ther was ten links to the other mark.

I can't check it with the gun because it won't idle right.

The other thing that makes me think its not my timing is it turn on at the first turn it dosen't crank and then turns on.

Someone told me it might be the distrubitor is ther any way to check if its that?

can it be that i put the distrubitor end facing the wrong way the part that goes into the cam?
2008-10-02 16:53:37
Are all of the plug wires going to the right places on the dist? Have you done any mods on yoiur car lately? Did you check your injectors?
2008-10-02 17:03:00
Another thing you might check is the wire coming out of the dist. I have had the wires pull out and break around the connector.

Also do you have a [spark tester] I forget what it is called for sure. You take the end of the spark plug wire stick one end in the tester and put one end on an unpainted surface and look to see if a spark arcs
2008-10-02 20:29:31
About the spark it has spark but it dosen't do a difference if i unplug them u can see it missfires. On the Distrubitor cap it has the numbers how it shuold go.

About the mods i have DET engine 8.5.1 CP, Brian crower stage 2, 370 injectors

running on stock ECU right now but i have heard it should turn on and run alright.

Do u think it can be that the distrubito end that goes into the cam is turn the wrong way?

U now what i mean right.
2008-10-02 23:46:33
never mind about the distrubitor i just found out that thers only one way it can go lol.....
2008-10-03 02:16:02
Yeah its pretty hard to mess that distributer up

It might just be you are getting too much fuel. I don't know how well a car should run with 370s and stock ecu. Do you have stock injectors to try?

Have you checked all of the injectors and made sure they are working as well. It is the same test as the spark plugs just unplug one at a time and see if that changes anything
2008-10-03 02:54:44
well thats the thing it dosen't do a difference with any of them off
2008-10-03 04:50:19
with the injectors too? If so you might want to find matching injectors/ ecu and see how that goes before anything else
2008-10-03 04:55:27
I don't think its the injectors.... when I turboed my car I ran the 370's on a stock P10 ECU and it ran and idle fine just a lil rich but nothing drastic.
2008-10-03 05:08:42
^If that is right, then it is just a matter of going over everything in the ignition system. plugs, plug wires, dist and cap, and so on, process of elimination (As long as you know the injectors are good). Unless something got over-torqued and broke with the cam install or something else and there is engine damage.
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