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Thread: oil plumging woes - help needed from disco potato guys!!

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2008-09-29 05:35:50
oil plumging woes - help needed from disco potato guys!!
Hey guys, I'm trying to fit up my disco and I can't seem to get this to work. I bought ATP's GT series oil plumbing setup, but the drain won't come anywhere close to working without a 90 degree bend in there, and the banjo oil feed setup is impossible to tighten down because the bolt head is so big. So, I'm back to square one. I used to have a turbo to -4AN adapter, but I can't seem to find it suddenly, and I thought I might be able to find a -4 to -4 90 degree fitting for the feed, but I can't find anyone who carries it. The best I can find is an earl's fitting, but I have no experience assembling hoses and frankly don't trust myself with it. So, my questions are: has anyone got a good off-the-shelf solution? What are you disco potato guys using for feed and drain on the FWD SR20? Finally, is there anyone here who wants to asseble a hose for me? I have two hoses right now, a -4 female to -4 female both straight ends, and a -3 female to -3 female 90 degree. Anyone got any ideas? Didn't find anything good on searching BTW...
2008-09-29 06:28:53
You will end up making your own hose/fittings. I made my setup for the oil feed on the GTiR Turbo. I don't remember the exact fitting sizes off the top of my head but I will look around for the info. So your old drain won't work? I know I used a banjo fitting on the block, but not on the turbo for the feed. The stainless steel line was around 10" long, routed up against the block then onto the turbo. Sounds like they sent you the wrong size banjo fitting.

Banjo for block

Banjo Bolt
M12x1.25, get it from Greg Vogel.

Attach straight section of line to banjo bolt on block

Attach 45* section of line to restrictor that screws into turbo or the unrestricted piece if the disco requires no oil restriction, I'm dunno

Merry X mas.....
2008-09-30 06:03:57
This is the banjo bolt that I got from ATP:

With this banjo fitting:

I can get the banjo in and thread it finger tight, but there's just physically not enough space to get a wrench in there. I think I'm heading back for the AN type setup. This banjo stuff is Whack.

No, the T28 return fitting is different than the GT series. The fitting is nearly the same size, if I had a reliable way to make sure everything was lining up right, I might redrill it. Heck, I might just redrill it anyway. I've considered using a piece of wood dowel or something to align the outlet and the return tube. I hadn't seen those pieces of prefabbed hose on ATP's site before...

I did find this fitting that I know will work. I had this fitting on the T28 setup in a pushlock style...

Looks like they might even assemble for me. I already have the right restrictor in place for the disco, it takes a .35 drilled hole, but I talked to the guys at ATP and they say that the GT turbos ought to have the restrictor right on the turbo, not up the line.
2008-09-30 07:21:02
If you put the banjo section on the block first, then mount the turbo and install the other end of the line on the turbo. You need a banjo bolt for the turbo section?
2008-09-30 17:45:23
i have the banjo for the turbo, it's there that it's too tight to get a wrench in there... I'm gonna call ANplumbing right now and see if they'll assemble a line for me...
2008-09-30 19:05:01
Originally Posted by dr.fowler
i have the banjo for the turbo, it's there that it's too tight to get a wrench in there... I'm gonna call ANplumbing right now and see if they'll assemble a line for me...

Get a smaller wrench, cut your wrench, assemble the line to the turbo then put the turbo in and attach the line to the block. Did you try any of those things? You should be able to tighten it down somehow.
2008-09-30 19:39:58
Eh, I just said screw it, ordered a -4AN turbo fitting, and had ANplumbing.com assemble me a new SS line. Anyone want any SS braided lines? I have two, lol!

Still gotta work out that oil return tho. Sux.
2008-10-03 05:05:05
ok, got the oil feed straightened out. What are you disco guys using for an oil return? My stock one doesn't line up with the turbo, and I can't find anything that makes that wildly sharp bend. Any suggestions?
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