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Thread: New To Nitrous...Question

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2012-08-30 21:26:03
New To Nitrous...Question
Before anyone says anything i have searched and im sure a lot of you may see this as a stupid question but i just want to get some opinions.. Im putting together a VE motor for my P11 and wanted to know whats the highest shot you guys would put i will not be spraying all the time as i do not beat on any of the cars i put together.

motor spec will be:
86mm 12:5 compression pistons
eagle rods
stock VE crank
supertech dual valve springs
supertech +1 valves
4-1 Header (Not sure what brand still searching)
debating on either porting stock intake manifold or getting the xcessive(opinions welcome)

Theres more but cant think of everything but im sure you guys get the point. if there is a link for a similar thread id appreciate if you guys will send it to me and close this thread. thanks in advance and sorry if there is already a similar post
2012-08-30 22:43:45
i would do a 55 wet shot single fogger.i was happy with my results on my ve with an old school hot shot header and 2.5 exhaust. so with your build it should be alot stronger than mine since mine is still on stock compression and its getting choked out from the header and 2.5 exhaust. what are your horse power goals? what excactly are you trying to acomplish?
2012-08-30 22:53:00
im just trying to build a fun daily.. ive had my share of turbo cars and just want to build a reliable nitrous car no particular goal as of now.. ive been trying to look up some people with similar builds to see around what power range theyre in but have had no luck
2012-08-30 23:01:27
its also going to be daily driven
2012-08-30 23:40:22
my set up put down 249 whp and 215 tq. when i make some improvments like 3" exhaust,n1 cams and a good header and re-tune i should see hopefully like 30+ whp.
2012-08-30 23:46:14
not that many people run nitrous. mainly everyone is all motor or turbo on here.but like i said i wouldnt go higher than 55 shot on that high compression ve your planning on building.the 55 shot should be reliable and fun lol. hopefully someone else with a similar build as yours chimes in and helps answer your questions.
2012-08-31 00:08:37
50 wet shot should be safe and reliable with the setup you're running.
2012-08-31 00:19:56
What ecu are you using?
2012-08-31 00:26:20
Probably calum realtime if i can find one
2012-08-31 00:32:52
thanks everyone for your replies
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