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Thread: Any G20's on NOS?

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2011-06-12 02:09:11
Any G20's on NOS?
Thinking of going gas, any pics of NOS on a G20, or SR20 engine bays???
2011-06-12 04:14:01
No pics of the g20. But i had my ve g20 on a 50shot couple years back. Its in one of my threads.
2011-06-12 18:18:27
go to g20.net and look for stangg20, he has a g20 bottle fed, its sounds beautiful too
2011-06-13 01:45:31
I had mine with a wt shot setup, like it but if you have alittle extra dough go with a t25 setup, just my .02 cents.
2011-06-14 15:58:51
No turbo this is my DD and I work from my car and idle for long periods of time, I know the SR can take it, but i would perfer power on demand without the added heat & complications of turbo, also the $ to do it right!

Thanks for the info, i'm gonna keep thinking about it...
2011-06-14 16:53:56
Well I have a NOS WET kit I took off my G to go turbo now my hedgasket blew so yes turbo is less reliable depending on setup, use etc....

I could sell it to you now that i need money to fix my car, pm me if interested.
2011-06-14 19:51:46
dam, that sucks! I know the feeling, put 5k into car to go boost, only to blow the engine!
Thanks but i would go with a new kit (I'm picky). good luck with your rebuild...
2011-06-16 22:19:12
We had a 50shot JWT setup on the old G20 for a while ... as I remember the car ran like 16.2 full boltons and 14.2 full boltons, 50shot and slicks ... No pics because it was all hidden ....

For comparison ..

Bluebird swap @ 14lb boost ran 13.0, built BB with T3/T4 22lb boost ran 12.0 ...
2011-06-16 22:26:39
i would go turbo. i had my old swift on the bottle and at the end its expensive. turbo is like nitrous that never goes away lol. at also pist me off that i played with the nitrous so much when i had to use it the bottle was empty or damn near empty. just my thoughts on the matter
2011-06-22 02:55:39
not much to see as its a dry kit. purple box next to the battery is about all you can make out.

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