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Thread: need a second opinion

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2011-01-08 13:03:05
Originally Posted by revvl-r
^^^its kool i appreciate it much
have you gone back to the track with your current setup, if so what are your mph traps like

dont worry about it man,naw man would love to go to the track,we'll see about it this coming year....with all these guys doing up the big bore,its giving me the itch...i wanna go simple 88mm-90mm custom 13.1 to 14.1 compression pistons,
eagle rods,stock crank,all out RLZ eng. port and polished head with the works(oversized valves,supertech springs,retainer,kelford cams)oh yeah i cant forget 100 shot nitrous...just want a 2.2liter lol dream
2011-01-08 13:07:01
no worrys
this will be strictly a track car if this happens.....
2011-01-08 13:20:19
my prob is i'm in jamaica so doing a big bore would see me spending almost twice what you guys spend after shipping and custom duties, lol. I can't get there just yet, for the sake of having something different though i'ld so tackle a vq swap with cams and drugs. Lol
2011-01-08 13:25:39
vq swap is sweet to man...good luck to you
2011-01-08 13:26:25
what were your best times with your setup
2011-01-08 16:26:56
^^ the story is funny actually, i did 13.5@103 on stock cams activating the nos at 6.5k in second w/ 2.2 60ft on 22 slicks slipping like ice. my brother sprayed out the hole and missed 3rd gear twice still ran 13.5@102. i sprayed out the hole missed 2nd fought to get it in. when i did i went down with rage and fury, result 14.1@108 lol, and that was w/ 2.5 exhaust still haven't ran this set up on the track just picking people apart elsewhere
2011-01-08 17:23:21
thats ok man,just need to get them 60ft's down...when my buddy was spraying his stock sr20de with h/i/e with 75 shot on 22 inch slicks he was cutting 1.7 ft times and putting down 8.2 1/8 mile times....whats your 1/8 mile times?remember thats a sr20de motor
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