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Thread: nitrous question... help needed asap!!

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2010-08-11 02:45:28
what jet size for the nitrous are you using for a 65 shot ????

reason I ask it's because on mine NOS sportsman frogger kit a 036 suppose to be 75 shot on NOS instructions but everywhere else on the I check and a 040 will net 70 shot.
2010-08-11 10:40:19
Every kit uses different jets to obtain the same hp figure. There are several variables that determine what jets=what hp. It's always best to just go with whatever your particular kit says to use.
2010-08-12 00:50:06
yeah but a NX kit @ 900psi bottle with 036 its
the same as a NOS @ 900psi bottle with 036 jet
the only difference it's the solenoids but they work the same way
open or close.

Also the different brands advertise their shots rated at the crank I bet.
So if a SR20VE it's able to hold a 75 at the wheels then the jet should be bigger
than whats on the instruccions to attain a 75 shot at the wheel.
I guess the only way to
find out it's by using a dyno with a wideband to be safe and get a few bigger size jets than
what the kit comes with.
2010-08-12 06:21:33
Originally Posted by ser91
well everything worked pretty damn good... just some slight detonation issues... quickest trap speed was 115 and the quickest et was 12.5... after some launch issues, it ran a 15.9 @ 112... so it has way more in it...

12.5 with a 65 shot......awesome!!!!
2010-09-17 13:25:50
yup very possible with good tires,, jus b careful dont miss shift or over rev lol
2010-09-18 05:08:44
to be on the safe side i would just wait till you get the msd
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