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Thread: Very lean conditions...

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2010-06-06 16:16:31
Look at it this way. The injectors have NOTHING to do with it lol. Wet kits add all the extra fuel you need. Sometimes, like in both of our situations, you have to adjust some things for it to be perfect. As long as you have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and bigger pump, you're good. You just have to find the right spot in pressure. I only moved up to VE injectors because my stock ones had over 200k miles on them, and had never been cleaned.
2010-06-06 17:23:25
You could try one of these:


They are used on the 5122 dry kit for bumping fuel pressure (using the stock FPR) I believe by 7 PSI but only under juice.
2010-06-06 17:32:23
That wouldn't work on a wet kit. On the dry kit it's placed between TWO nitrous solenoids and uses the vaccum created from the nitrous travelling between the two, to add suction to the fpr to add psi. I guess it COULD work, but you'd have to add an additional nitrous solenoid as well.

I have that kit as well lol.
2010-06-06 22:46:55
bes whats your fuel pump? maybe the pump doesn't have enough volume for the 150 shot?
2010-06-06 23:03:20
Originally Posted by Mr.sentra_specv
bes whats your fuel pump? maybe the pump doesn't have enough volume for the 150 shot?

Exactly what I was thinking.

Also what regulator are you using Bes?

If you are running a Walboro maybe it needs a relay wired in. This is a common problem for the big WHP turbo cars.
2010-06-07 02:31:02
I have a Walbro 255 in there. Not too many miles on it either. Sounds normal like every other. We threw on a Nismo AFPR.

I actually had my boy tell me to wire a 12 volt signal to the fuel pump. I think that's going to be on the list of to-do's before the car hits the dyno again.
2010-06-07 02:51:19
All you do is wire in a relay. You'll need to run it's own 12v source to the relay though. You'll see a decent jump in fuel psi just from that.
2010-06-07 11:57:51
30 amp relay should work fine, no? I know I have an extra somewhere when I thought my original was bad because nitrous wasn't working. Maybe I can do it up today!
2010-06-07 13:59:54
Yeah 30 amp should be fine.
2010-06-12 10:25:27
Any updates Bes?
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