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2010-05-04 13:09:31
Originally Posted by AaroNX
Yeah if you melted the plugs you more than likely need more fuel.

Thats what I figured as well. I have the correct jetting in the car. Everything seemed fine on the first pass. bottle pressure was around 1150psi. I parked the car and came back 3 hours later and was about to **** myself. The sun beating on it for so long built my bottle pressure up to 1500-1600psi. I tried cooling the bottle down as much as I could as well as relieving so nitrous from the line. They called my bracket up to race so I had no choice and tried it with bottle pressure around 1350-1400.

Hopefully we can get some good numbers from Nissan Day.
2010-05-04 15:39:29
So what did it run?
2010-05-05 01:45:19
Nothing impressive. 12.8. I'm actually pretty pissed about it but it was my only clean pass. My second pass it detonated and I ended up getting eliminated. I'm going to Nissan Day so hopefully I can do better. These 24.5'' slicks are killing me man.
2010-05-05 02:23:35
I'm running 22's for now, but have a brand new set of 24.5's to use when I go up to the 150 shot. Post your full slip info on that pass, I'd like to disect it if you don't mind.
2010-05-05 02:45:51
I gotta find out where I put it I think its somewhere in the car. I got it and was like oh wow but then again I got a crappy launch. Not sure what I was thinking launching right where VVL activates. Car bogged bad then finally picked up and went. Hell, the car traps 100-101 off the bottle on street tires. I am going to try and up the shot to 100 for Nissan day. I am just trying to think what would be safe to spray on this thing. I was thinking of having it spray 40-50% at 4,500 and work up to 75% by 8,500. Just worried about the added stress on these stock rods.

I'll try and find that slip and post up everything. I just remember 1.97 60' and 12.8 @105.5
2010-05-05 10:25:20
I launch mine as high as possible, and spray off the line. If you're spraying off the line, there will be no bogging lol. I trap between 87-92 in the 1/8th so see what your mph was there.
2010-05-06 02:54:25
Here is the slip from the first and only clean pass...

R/T .047
60' 1.970
330 5.396
1/8 8.209
MPH 86.88
1000 10.693
1/4 12.814
MPH 105.65

I think I need to get myself another tach. It was reading past 8500 in third so I went to fourth gear. Shouldn't have to be shifting into 4th with that trap speed. I figure its off by a few hundred rpm's. Hopefully the weather is nice this weekend and I can get some real numbers out of it.
2010-05-06 03:35:30
I don't know, I'm right at the end of 3rd at 92mph, but I'm also running 2" shorter tires. At the same time I try to shift around 8k. Sometimes quicker lol.
2010-05-06 11:48:47
I think with some 22's this thing would be badass. I want to spray a little more for off the line and work it up to more nitrous. Its becoming an issue how much I like this stuff, lol.
2010-05-06 12:37:32
It's addictive that's for sure. A rush is a rush regardless of what causes it.
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