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Thread: Markhem Park Nissan/Infiniti Meet(Saturday Sept. 27th 2008 , 12 pm)

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2008-09-24 01:06:56
Originally Posted by nissanboy561
91graydet maybe we should caravan down early.for the northern guys

Yeah i was thinking that same thing. i'll be leaving my house at 9, if our caravan goes straight to Markham instead of Towers we'll be cool.

not sure who would be down though.
2008-09-24 02:31:20
Well, I told about 4-7 people to meet at 10:30am at Gateway and 95 so.... Hard to change plans as of now. I mean, we can still just shoot straight down but the people of the N. Caravan are sticking to meeting at that specific time.
2008-09-24 11:16:33
no, i meant to head straight to markham instead of towers. meeting times are still the same
2008-09-24 11:24:21
You fools are confusing meh!
2008-09-24 22:24:01
Originally Posted by Sentrixx
You fools are confusing meh!

i mentioned suppose we ( north county caravan ) go straight to Markham park INSTEAD of meeting everyone up at Towers?

We can always just keep the schedule the same and go to Towers and wait for the rest of the crew and head out to Markham.

Was just a suggestion....
2008-09-24 23:15:31
Well I'm following you... lol
2008-09-24 23:58:55
Good news I may be coming down from orlando to attend one last meet before I rip the old motor out and give her a new heart with a little added boost
2008-09-25 02:00:05
well time is closing and i still need to wash the cooler and the car
2008-09-25 03:09:58
Originally Posted by SUNNYboi
I don't think we wanted this to get this far.


That's gonna bring a lot of ricers....

Well saying thatll bring ricers is just like postin it up on here cause there are ricers on here looking as well...just trying to get alot of cars at the meet by any means...just sayin but i see where you comin from but no matter where you post it ricers look..

this is S14Kidd didnt realize i was logged onto his name
2008-09-25 11:19:50
If we are supposed to go directly to Markham, how we are going to find the spot inside the park? There are going to be any signs? I never been there before.

Can I call anybody in case I get lost? I need a phone #.
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