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Thread: misfortune smiles upon me.

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2008-03-13 01:24:16
misfortune smiles upon me.
well after forever of working on my car and getting nice and neat, everything new and polished, cleaned and so forth.

it's all together and i have a leak in my oil feed line, leak in the front main seal(new), and a minor leak in the lower pan of the block. but the car turns on smooth and runs smoth.

so the next day i fix the oil line leak, front main seal leak and lower pan leak, but when i go to turn it on, absolutely nothing happens, the battery has juice,there's power being feed to the car, but when i turn the switch my abs clicks and nothing else does anything, but when i take out the key the dash lights stay on as if it was still in the on switch. i

'm puzzled and threw in the towel. for now, i can turn a wrench all day but electrical i don't do unless i have instrucitions on an install. so what do i trouble shoot.
2008-03-13 01:43:05
First check the wires going to the starter, and any fuses that may be associated with ignition. Also, when you turn the key can you hear the main relay click? If not, that could have gone bad.
2008-03-13 02:36:40
it's not the starter, it doesn't seem to have juice at the ecu.
2008-03-13 04:18:51
did u disconnect the battery while doin all of this the seals? if not you fried the starter output on the ecu. i hate electrical as much as you do but if someone can fix it so can you. ask the car why? battery fuse? see if its clicking when you turn the key
fuel is being fed cause the fuel pump is working so thats out of the way, if ecu isnt sending signal from battery to starter then test out with another ecu.use an se-r ecu if you have to just to see if it starts DO NOT USE SE-R ECU to drive around or youll be sorta screwed ..
2008-03-13 22:35:10
it's not getting juice to the ecu, so the ecu isn't sending anything anywhere, and i don't think i fried it out and i did try a second ecu but it's the same i just need to try my ecu's on a second car to see if they did get fried.
2008-03-13 22:47:07
Maybe you accidentally moved/disconnected a ground wire, same thing happened to me, would be all crazy with electrical, i found out the ground wire under the thermostat housing wasn't making contact. Go back and recheck in all the areas you had worked, maybe there is a ground wire shorting...
2008-03-13 23:07:18
Can you hear your fuel pump priming?
2008-03-13 23:07:31
i i redid everything on the harness made sure all wires were up-to-date before i put it back together, and the ecu does work and the problem is in the harness i just have to find out what i think it might be in the fuse box but i'm gonna check that out after i clean up the oil leaks on sat. and put the car on the ground. any one and everyone is invited bc i don't think it's major so i'm gonna get this thing going. i've spent too much time and money, wish i could trust someone local to look at it.
2008-03-13 23:08:50
yea the pump works there's a problem between the battery to the ecu that's not working so i have to check all fuses first.
2008-03-16 21:02:32
hey let me know if you need any help running through it all, we can figure something out to get it to work right im sure. Retrace the steps and find whats different now. I also need to take a look at your vacuum hookups, I'm wanting to figure something out with my pusar motor. Message me if you want to meet
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